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Our top recommended policies for small businesses

There's no single small business insurance policy that covers all risks. Different commercial insurance coverages address different accidents, lawsuits, and damages that could impact a business. These policies address common risks.

Our top recommended policies for small businesses

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There's no single small business insurance policy that covers all risks. Different commercial insurance coverages address different accidents, lawsuits, and damages that could impact a business. These policies address common risks.
General liability insurance icon

General liability insurance

Coverage for common business risks including bodily injury, customer property damage, and advertising injury. Required for most commercial leases.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Damaged customer property.
  • Libel or slander lawsuits.
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Commercial property insurance icon

Commercial property insurance

This policy covers the value of a business's physical structure and its contents, such as inventory, equipment, and furniture.
  • Fire.
  • Theft or vandalism.
  • Windstorms.
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Business owner's policy icon

Business owner's policy

Coverage that bundles property insurance and general liability insurance under one plan. A BOP is often one of the most cost-effective commercial insurance policies.
  • Customer injury.
  • Damaged business property.
  • Business interruption incidents.
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Professional liability insurance icon

Professional liability insurance

This policy, also called errors and omissions insurance, can help cover legal expenses if a business is sued for unsatisfactory work.
  • Professional negligence lawsuits.
  • Project scope disputes.
  • Work mistakes or oversights.
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Errors and omissions insurance icon

Errors and omissions insurance

This policy, sometimes called professional liability insurance, is common with professional services. It can cover legal fees of lawsuits related to work performance.
  • Business disputes.
  • Negligence accusations.
  • Work errors.
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Workers' compensation insurance icon

Workers' compensation insurance

Required for businesses with employees in almost every state, workers' comp can help cover medical fees and lost wages for work-related illnesses and injuries.
  • Employee medical expenses.
  • Missed wages.
  • Legal costs.
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Cyber liability insurance icon

Cyber liability insurance

This policy helps businesses survive data breaches and cyberattacks by helping to pay for recovery expenses and associated costs.
  • Data breach lawsuits.
  • Breach notification expenses.
  • Fraud monitoring costs.
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Umbrella / excess liability insurance icon

Umbrella / excess liability insurance

This policy supplements limits on liability coverages when a policy's limit is reached, including general liability and other policies.
  • Additional general liability coverage.
  • Additional workers’ comp coverage.
  • Additional commercial auto coverage.
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Specialized coverage for unique risks

Businesses with expensive equipment, a board of directors, or extra liability concerns may need additional coverage.

Specialized coverage for unique risks

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Businesses with expensive equipment, a board of directors, or extra liability concerns may need additional coverage.
Business interruption insurance icon

Business interruption insurance

Coverage for lost revenue and expenses when an event forces a business to temporarily stop operations.
  • Lost revenue.
  • Day-to-day expenses.
  • Relocation costs.
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Inland marine insurance icon

Inland marine insurance

Property coverage for business items used in the field. It typically pays for property that has been lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Property in transit.
  • Unique or valuable property.
  • Property that transfers information.
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Product liability insurance icon

Product liability insurance

Coverage for claims that a business's products caused personal injury or property damage.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Distributors.
  • Retailers.
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Employment practices liability insurance icon

Employment practices liability insurance

This policy, also called EPLI, can cover legal expenses when an employee sues over discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and similar issues.
  • Sexual harassment lawsuits.
  • Discrimination claims.
  • Mismanagement allegations.
Learn About Employment Practices LiabilityLearn More
Directors and officers insurance icon

Directors and officers insurance

D&O insurance covers decisions directors, officers, and board members make on behalf of the company. If they are sued, it may pay their legal expenses.
  • Employment practices lawsuits.
  • Mismanagement accusations.
  • Defamation claims.
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Special event insurance icon

Special event insurance

This policy combines liability and property coverages for events that occur outside of normal business activities.
  • Business events.
  • Fundraisers.
  • Parties.
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Policies for specific industries

Common industry practices can increase risk. These policies cover those exposures.

Auto policies for small businesses

Vehicles that are used for business purposes are required to have commercial auto insurance policies. This includes instances when employees use their personal vehicle for business.

Bonds for small businesses

Businesses may need bond insurance if they work with the government or handle a client’s finances.

How much does small business insurance cost?

Business insurance cost estimates

Insurance can cost as little as $21 per month for some small businesses. Several factors affect policy costs, including:

  • Industry and risk factors.
  • Coverage limits.
  • Location.
  • Number of employees.
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