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Business Insurance for Restaurants

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Does your restaurant need insurance? 

Without insurance, a minor incident could turn into a financial disaster. Policies designed for restaurant owners protect your small business from common risks. You can find coverage for food spoilage, kitchen fires, and other costly issues restaurants may face.
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Add restaurant insurance to your risk management plan

Whether you run a fast food spot or a fine dining establishment, no restaurant business is immune from risk.

An equipment breakdown, a claim of foodborne illness, or a chef's injury can happen at any restaurant. And the resulting loss of income or cost of a lawsuit can hurt your bottom line – or even force you to close.

Restaurant insurance can't prevent these incidents, but it will reduce your risk from the fallout.

What is the right insurance coverage for your restaurant?

These types of insurance provide coverage for the most common risks businesses in the restaurant industry face.

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Does business insurance protect restaurants against losses related to the coronavirus (COVID-19?)

Most business insurance policies exclude communicable disease coverage. Even if your restaurant has business interruption insurance, the disruption must usually be tied to a commercial property / business owner's policy claim to apply.

If you think your restaurant might be eligible for a claim, contact your insurance company's claims department. Read more about business insurance and the coronavirus.

How much does restaurant insurance cost?

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Monthly restaurant insurance costs are based on your particular small business, including:

  • Restaurant equipment and property
  • Services offered by your restaurant
  • Revenue
  • Location
  • Number of employees
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