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Recommended insurance policies for photo and video professionals

Photographers and videographers capture life’s most important moments. But if a customer isn't satisfied, you could face a lawsuit. Business insurance coverage provides financial protection against lawsuits, injuries, and theft.

General liability insurance icon

General liability insurance

This policy covers common business risks, such as a client injury at your photography studio. Bundle it with commercial property insurance for savings in a BOP.

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Damaged customer property
  • Libel and slander lawsuits
Business owner’s policy icon

Business owner’s policy

A business owner's policy, or BOP, is a cost-effective insurance bundle for video and photo professionals. It includes both commercial property insurance and general liability coverage in one plan.

  • Customer injuries
  • Customer property damage
  • Stolen or damaged business property
Professional liability insurance icon

Professional liability insurance

This policy covers legal fees for photographers and videographers if a client sues over work performance. It's sometimes referred to as errors and omissions insurance (E&O).

  • Lost or damaged photos or videos
  • Accusations of negligence
  • Missed photo or video shoots
Workers’ compensation insurance icon

Workers’ compensation insurance

Most states require workers' comp for photo and video businesses that have employees. It also protects sole proprietors from work injury costs that health insurance might deny.

  • Employee medical expenses
  • Disability benefits
  • Employee injury lawsuits
Commercial auto insurance icon

Commercial auto insurance

This policy covers the cost of accidents involving a vehicle owned by a photography or videography business. Most states require this coverage for business-owned vehicles.

  • Property damage caused by your vehicle
  • Bodily injuries from an auto accident
  • Vehicle theft and vandalism
Inland marine insurance icon

Inland marine insurance

This policy protects photography and videography equipment that travels outside of your office. It covers property losses due to theft, fires, storms, and vandalism.

  • Cameras brought to events
  • Photography equipment in transit
  • Video equipment at a filming location
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How much does insurance cost for photo and video professionals?

Photo and video professional calculating the cost of business insurance.

The cost to properly insure your photography or videography business will depend on several factors, including:

  • Types of photography or videography services offered
  • Value of camera equipment, editing equipment, and other property
  • Business income and size
  • Types of insurance purchased
  • Coverage limits and deductibles
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How do I get videography and photography business insurance?

It's easy to get business insurance for photographers and videographers if you have your company information on hand. Our application will ask for basic facts about your small business, such as revenue and the number of employees. You can buy a policy online and get a certificate of insurance with Insureon in three easy steps:

  1. Complete a free online application
  2. Compare insurance quotes and choose policies
  3. Pay for your policy and download a certificate for proof of insurance

Insureon's licensed insurance agents work with top-rated U.S. providers to find the types of coverage for your business needs, whether you work independently as a wedding photographer or videographer, or run a photo studio.

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Common questions about photography and videography business insurance

Does a freelance videographer need insurance?

If you’re a freelance videographer, you might not be required by law to carry insurance. However, having coverage can help you fulfill the terms of a contract, boost your credibility, and protect your business from financial risks.

Depending on the type of video services your offer, your state might require you to carry professional liability insurance to work at certain facilities.

Your personal auto and health insurance policies likely won’t cover work-related incidents, such as a car collision involving a business-owned vehicle or an on-site work injury. That means you might have to pay hefty medical bills or state penalties for not having the proper insurance. If you drive your own vehicle for work, you may want to consider hired and non-owned (HNOA) insurance.

Carrying a workers’ compensation plan, even if you have no employees, can financially protect you if you’re unable to work due to a workplace injury or illness, as well as cover your medical expenses.

What is a COI for photographers?

A certificate of insurance (COI) certifies you have a particular type of small business insurance, such as general liability coverage. It’s the document you can show a client, venue, or landlord when they ask for proof of insurance.

Clients may require certain types of photographer liability insurance before they’ll do business with you. Your photography studio landlord, for example, will likely require you to have commercial property coverage.

Some state and local governments require small business owners to have general liability coverage for certain professional licenses, such as a contractor’s license. If any employees or contractors are covered under your insurance, they would have to be listed as an additional insured.

Do I need a license or certification to become a photographer?

While it might not be mandated by your state to carry an occupational license or business license, it could be required by the county or city in which you work. It's best to consult your individual state, county, and city government websites for the most up-to-date requirements for your photography or videography company.

Becoming a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) can provide a tremendous boost to your photography business. It can improve your photography skills, lets potential clients know you’re fully qualified, and can help you be a successful photographer.

Getting your Merited Professional Videographer (MPV) designation is a program offered by the Wedding and Event Videographers Association International (WEVA). This is awarded to videographers demonstrating a high level of wedding and event video expertise.

In order to operate a drone videographer business, there are a few legal steps you must take. This includes obtaining your Remote Pilot Certification, as well as your FAA Small UAS Rule (Part 107) license.

What other insurance do I need for my photo or video business?

Most professional photographers and videographers invest thousands of dollars into their gear and equipment to launch a successful business. Theft, accidental damage, or lawsuit could significantly impact your reputation, business, and bottom line.

Having the right business insurance policies can keep unforeseen circumstances from putting your business and income in jeopardy, while giving you peace of mind.

Film and camera property insurance

Also known as “film equipment insurance,” property insurance covers most of your photo and video equipment, including cameras, lenses, computers, lighting equipment, and editing bays, in the event your gear gets damaged or stolen. This will help you get back on track to finish a project.

In most cases, you can apply equipment insurance to both owned and rented property, as well as studio spaces.

Drone photography and videography insurance

For professional drone photographers and videographers, the right drone insurance could be crucial if someone claims your drone infringed on their privacy, damaged their property, or caused a bodily injury. Drone insurance can help pay for your legal expenses, settlement costs, and the repair or replacement of your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Special event insurance

Special event insurance can help your small business pay for unanticipated costs related to an event, such as an injury or cancellation fees. In some cases, the venue where the event is held might require this coverage.

You can typically add this coverage to your general liability policy. It could be one-day insurance for an event shorter than 24 hours, such as a wedding photo shoot, or insurance for an event that lasts several days.

Hired and non-owned auto (HNOA) insurance

HNOA insurance offers liability coverage for accidents involving personal, leased, or rented vehicles used by your business. This includes vehicles owned by yourself or your employees, which is why many people who use their personal vehicle for work purchase this protection.

If one of your employees gets into an accident on a work-related errand, your hired and non-owned coverage would insure you against lawsuits, damage to the other vehicle(s), and the cost of injuries. This coverage can often be endorsed on your general liability insurance as additional coverage.

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