Colorado Insurance Licenses: 354233 and 481838

When you think of pioneers in Colorado, you might imagine the rugged and hopeful prospectors who claimed the high country and tapped into its mineral veins. You might think of the enduring families who settled the eastern prairies and turned dry dirt into farmable soil. You might even go back to the mysterious Ancestral Pueblo people who first carved a veritable city into the Mesa Verde Cliffside. But the pioneering Colorado spirit by no means belongs to the past. Even today, Colorado businesses lead the nation in new thinking and new technology, and the field is open for prospectors of a new kind.

If you’re thinking of starting a small business in Colorado, you’re in good company. Over 540,000 small businesses exist in the state, and that number’s expected to grow. Perhaps you’re adding to the impressive aerospace industry that’s leading the way in spaceflight and defense. Perhaps you’re starting a restaurant or brewery that will one day become a nationwide success. Perhaps you’re looking to cater to the vast outdoorsy crowd, the ones looking to ski, snowboard, fish, hunt, camp, and hike their way to a Rocky Mountain high.

No matter your idea, you have at least one clear advantage over the pioneers of old: you have small business insurance to protect you in case something goes wrong. Learn more about it, and get your business started off right. It could be a goldmine.   

Colorado Business Insurance Savings Tips

  • Tailor your Property Insurance to your business’s needs to save money. For example, if you don’t own rare or expensive property, a cash-value plan might be your best choice. It costs less than other coverage because it reimburses you for the depreciated value of damaged items.
  • Save money on your Workers’ Compensation Insurance by excluding yourself and any other partners or LLC members from coverage. In Colorado, coverage for these individuals is usually optional.
  • Consider adding Umbrella Insurance to boost the policy limits on General Liability, Commercial Auto, and other liability policies. That way, if your business faces a devastatingly expensive insurance claim, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for uncovered expenses.

Colorado: A Goldmine for Small Businesses

Colorado was built on the backs on entrepreneurs, dating back to the Gold Rush in the mid-eighteen hundreds. Today, Colorado has that same innovative spirit. According to the Business in Colorado website, The Centennial State was ranked the second-best state in the nation for entrepreneurship and innovation by both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Inc. Magazine in 2013.

CNBC says it’s the third-best state in the country to start a business. Surely contributing to that ranking is the fact that Colorado is one of the few states to offer a comprehensive Business Resource Book aimed directly as small businesses.

Colorado: a great place to live and work. But before you sink your business’s flag into Rocky Mountain soil, you’ll need to start with a solid foundation: an effective small business insurance plan for your Coloradan venture.

Colorado Business Insurance Licensure Information

In Colorado, insurance agents, agencies and brokers are licensed by the Colorado Division of Insurance. Insureon is licensed in Colorado as Insureon Colorado LLC (License #481838) and as BIN INS HOLDINGS LLC (License #354233) for Property & Casualty Insurance and for Surplus Lines. You can verify our licensure with the Sircon Corp. Verification System by selecting State: Colorado; Entity Type: Agency; and entering either of our Colorado state license numbers (354233 or 481838) into the field marked "License Number."

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