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Recommended business insurance policies for healthcare professionals

From acupuncture to radiology, healthcare professionals rely on business insurance to withstand lawsuits and accidents. Insureon helps you secure the right coverage for your clinic.

General liability insurance icon

General liability insurance

General liability insurance covers basic third-party risks for small business owners, such as a customer who slips and suffers an injury in your office. It's often required for a commercial lease.

  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Patient property damage
  • Libel and other advertising injuries
Business owner’s policy icon

Business owner’s policy

A BOP bundles commercial property insurance and general liability coverage in one plan. It's often the most cost-effective type of business insurance for healthcare specialists.

  • Patient injuries from accidents
  • Damaged business property
  • Business interruption incidents
Workers’ compensation insurance icon

Workers' compensation insurance

Most states require workers' comp for healthcare businesses that have employees. It also protects sole proprietors from work injury costs that health insurance might deny.

  • Employee medical expenses
  • Disability benefits
  • Lawsuits from employee injuries
Professional liability insurance icon

Professional liability / medical malpractice

This policy, also called malpractice insurance for medical professionals, can cover legal expenses if a practice is sued for negligence that led to an injury.

  • Incorrect diagnoses
  • Accusations of negligence
  • Mistakes or oversights
Commercial auto insurance icon

Commercial auto insurance

Most states require commercial auto insurance for vehicles owned by a healthcare business. It helps cover the cost of an accident involving your business vehicle.

  • Damage caused by your vehicle
  • Medical bills from an auto accident
  • Vehicle theft and vandalism
Cyber insurance icon

Cyber insurance

This policy helps healthcare companies survive data breaches and cyberattacks. It can often be added to a BOP or general liability policy for savings.

  • Data breach investigations
  • Breach notification expenses
  • Fraud monitoring costs
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How much does business insurance cost for healthcare professionals?

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Several factors will have an impact on insurance costs, including:

  • Healthcare services offered
  • Type of care, such as inpatient or outpatient
  • Medical equipment and other business property
  • Annual business revenue
  • Where your business is located
  • Number of employees on staff
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How do I get healthcare professional business insurance?

It’s easy to find insurance for professionals in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re a dentist, home health provider, or physician's assistant, you’ll need to have some basic information about your business available.

Our application will ask you for your annual revenue and payroll, among other details. You can buy a policy online and get a certificate of insurance with Insureon in three easy steps:

  1. Complete a free online application.
  2. Compare free quotes and choose a policy.
  3. Pay for your policy and download a certificate for proof of insurance.

Insureon's licensed insurance agents work with top-rated U.S. providers to find the right insurance options to manage your business's unique risks, whether you’re a radiologist at a local care facility or work in a busy medical staffing agency.

FAQs about healthcare professional business insurance

Are all healthcare professionals required to carry malpractice insurance?

While not every state requires healthcare professionals to carry medical malpractice insurance, it's often required by government contracts, healthcare networks, and hospitals or other healthcare facilities.

Even when you're not required to have it, malpractice coverage is a key part of risk management. Your patients depend on your specialized skills, and you need to meet a certain standard of care. Not taking the same amount of care that others with your specialized knowledge and training would is called professional negligence, or malpractice.

Medical malpractice claims against physicians and other medical professionals are some of the most well-known professional negligence cases.

What other insurance coverage should healthcare professionals carry?

The main insurance policies that most healthcare professionals carry, such as general liability and medical malpractice, protect their practices from common risks. However, there are additional coverage options to consider as part of your risk management plan.

Telehealth coverage can be added to your medical professional liability insurance, to extend your coverage to misdiagnoses or patient complaints over telemedicine or virtual counseling services.

License defense coverage will pay for legal fees and other costs associated with defending nurses during an investigation that may result in action against their nursing licenses. This coverage can usually be added to your professional liability policy.

Needlestick insurance, or accidental occupational insurance, protects you from needlestick and sharps injuries, as well as blood and bodily fluid exposure.

HIPPA coverage can be included in a professional liability policy to provide coverage for HIPAA violations including proceedings, fines, and penalties.

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