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Mission statement

Our goal is to provide business owners with clear, useful information that will help them protect their life’s work and gain peace of mind.

Technical writer composing technical copy for a product.

The content team has many years of experience writing about insurance and financial issues, and they are backed up by internal insurance subject matter experts (SMEs).

Whether you’re a brand-new startup, a contract freelancer, or an established entrepreneur, we work continuously to refine and improve our editorial process to offer the resources that you need to make smart decisions regarding insurance.


We have writers, editors, producers, brokers, and analysts who stay on top of industry trends and recommend content. Our content puts business owner needs first and can originate from different sources:

  • Insureon brokers and agents take on a large role in making business insurance product recommendations, as well as pass along questions and requests they receive from customers to inspire additional content.
  • News and trends in the business insurance community, such as cyber threats, pandemic policies, and extreme weather events.
  • Web content analysts who examine search engine results to see the kind of information that small business owners are looking for based on their industry or profession.


Once a topic is identified, we analyze our existing content to see what information is already at our disposal, then determine if any of the current information needs to be updated and/or if a new article should be crafted.


We hold regular meetings within and across teams to refine our ideas and find the best approach to cover a subject. We might choose to draft a new article, update an existing post, produce an illustration or graphic, or perhaps compose an informational video.

Depending on the approach, we will draft a creative brief or outline for our writers and design team, or sketch out a video storyboard.


Our team of writers and editors conducts extensive research, using internal and external resources, to produce content that is concise, helpful, and accurate.

For more interactive content, we work across teams and with outside vendors and designers to brainstorm ideas that offer an informative and immersive experience. We refine our graphics, finalize our storyboards, and set up video shoots.


Once an article, blog post, or graphic is created, it goes through a multi-level review and fact-checking process with editors and SMEs. Each piece typically receives up to five rounds of reviews before it’s published on our website.

We use a similar process for our video content, working with outside vendors and internal creators to produce something that’s engaging and informative. We post these videos on our YouTube channel and embed them on our website. In addition, we create infographics and other visual elements to help inform visual learners. In short, we deliver content where they are and how they want to see it.


Insureon partners with several insurance carriers nationwide to help provide insurance quotes to small business owners using our online comparison tool. While Insureon does receive commission from these companies for policies sold, we do not make recommendations based on this commission.

We strive to maintain editorial independence in our content to help provide our readers with the most accurate information possible.

Editorial Leaders

Editorial headshot of Victor Pinto
Senior Director, Content, Insureon
Victor is in charge of content strategy and proudly leads a team of expert writers, editors, and content managers. He has led initiatives for financial companies such as JPMorgan Chase and Zurich Life, as well as organizations like Weber Grill and Gilda’s Club. Victor wakes up every day happy to know that his efforts at Insureon can help make the dreams of hard-working small-business owners come true.
Editorial headshot of Tom Stadler
Senior Content Manager, Insureon
Tom oversees the production of written and visual insurance-based content. Previously, he spent time with Integrated Merchandising Solutions (IMS) coordinating digital B2B marketing content. Tom started his marketing career by writing for several clients, including the YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, and the Milwaukee Brewers. With a love of movies and passion for visual mediums, his goal is to produce work that can help educate, enlighten, and entertain small businesses everywhere.
Editorial headshot of Jen Matteis
Content & Production Editor, Insureon
Jen is an expert on small business insurance, a talented writer, and meticulous editor. She’s written and edited hundreds of articles to help inform small business owners about their insurance options. Prior to joining Insureon in 2018, Jen served as a senior copywriter at a digital marketing agency, and as a writer and editor for newspapers on both coasts. In her spare time, she writes fiction.
Editorial headshot of Jess Holy
Senior Copywriter, Insureon
Jess is a dedicated wordsmith fluent in marketing writing, grammar and a well-placed pun. She’s put her spin on content for national brands like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Ulta, as well as B2B technology vendors including IBM, Lenovo and Microsoft. Jess’ favorite part of her career is using writing to positively impact others; and when she’s not writing, she’s reading a book with a hot cup of coffee.
Editorial headshot of Mike Mosser
Content Specialist, Insureon
Mike spent several years as a reporter and editor covering politics, crime, and the world financial markets. He’s worked for several newspapers, a financial newswire, and a monthly magazine. As a copywriter, Mike has produced SEO-based content, marketing, public relations, and advertising work for a variety of companies.
Editorial headshot of Sophie Mir
Content Specialist, Insureon
Sophie specializes in content development and uploading, including social media. Throughout her career, she’s created and edited a variety of deliverables, such as articles, blog posts, newsletters, reports, video scripts, webinars and white papers. Before joining Insureon, Sophie worked in communications at GoHealth, drafting and distributing content related to internal organizational changes and announcements.
Editorial headshot of Kate Sortino
Content Specialist, Insureon
Kate is passionate about all things related to content, marketing, and SEO. She enjoys taking complicated topics and making them delightfully readable. Kate has a background in software content marketing and has professionally written about many topics, including finance, SEO, and mental health. Before becoming a full-time writer, Kate worked in social services and healthcare. When Kate’s not sitting in front of a computer, she’s typically exploring the outdoors with her husband and puppy.
Editorial headshot of Elizabeth Rivelli
Freelance Writer
Elizabeth is a freelance writer with extensive experience covering commercial insurance and personal insurance lines. Her work has been featured in dozens of online finance publications, including Forbes, Bankrate, and Investopedia. Elizabeth also writes for several insurance carriers.
Editorial headshot of Sarah Hicks
Director, SEO, Insureon
Sarah is a versatile marketer with a passion for SEO. She executes well-informed strategies aimed at driving traffic to Insureon.com and improving the overall user experience. Sarah's previous roles in leading global events at HP and regional field marketing at CA Technologies set the stage for a genuine love of marketing and customer engagement. When she's away from her desk, she’s enjoying the outdoors and trying to keep up with her energetic daughters.
Editorial headshot of Yulia Kronrod
SVP, Customer Acquisition, Insureon
Yulia is an SEO powerhouse and likely the reason you found our website. Since joining Insureon in 2017, she’s employed a mix of data-driven SEO and content marketing strategies to accelerate business growth. Today, Yulia leads the company’s customer acquisition and marketing analytics teams. Prior to Insureon, she served as Global SEO Manager at Adobe and guided a small e-commerce shop to seven-figure success.

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