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Insurance helps cannabis businesses comply with state laws and financially survive fires, theft, lawsuits, and costly accidents. Consult our licensed cannabis insurance specialist to get quotes for your business today.

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Recommended insurance policies for cannabis businesses

Theft of merchandise or a client slipping on a wet floor could financially devastate a small cannabis business. Insureon helps you find the insurance you need to survive the unexpected and comply with state laws.
General liability insurance icon

General liability insurance

State laws often require cannabis businesses to carry this coverage. It provides financial protection against common accidents, such as a slip-and-fall injury in a cannabis dispensary.

Best for:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Damaged customer property
  • Accusations of libel or slander

Learn more about general liability insurance.

Product liability insurance icon

Product liability insurance

This policy covers legal defense costs if a product harms a customer or damages their property. It's recommended for growers, sellers, and distributors of cannabis products.

Best for:

  • Adverse effects from marijuana or CBD
  • Damaged customer property
  • Pesticide contamination

Learn more about product liability insurance.

Commercial property insurance icon

Commercial property insurance

This policy covers the cost of replacing or repairing your business property if it is stolen, damaged, or destroyed. It's often required for a commercial lease.

Best for:

  • Theft of cannabis products
  • Fire at a cannabis dispensary or CBD store
  • Commercial lease requirements

Learn more about commercial property insurance.

What are the insurance requirements for cannabis businesses?

As legalization of marijuana spreads, each state is establishing its own laws for cannabis insurance.

State laws typically require general liability insurance for all businesses in the cannabis industry, from cultivators to dispensaries. You'll need to research the laws in your state to find out how much general liability coverage you need.

Many states require cannabis businesses to carry a surety bond as part of their licensing requirements. A bond guarantees that your business will fulfill the terms of its contracts and pay its suppliers.

The specifics of your cannabis operations will determine other types of insurance coverage you need. For example, a landlord may require you to carry commercial property coverage.

Contact our licensed cannabis insurance specialist to find the right coverage for your budding business.

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