Photo & video professionals

A videographer reviews a scene that was just shot
Photo & video professionals
Insuring your film equipment is a smart and affordable way to protect thousands of dollars of gear that often moves from location to location.
A professional photographer with cameras and equipment
Photo & video professionals
Professional photographers can carry commercial property insurance and other policies to protect their expensive equipment.
Wedding photographer shooting photo of bride and groom.
Photo & video professionals

Photographers often need liability insurance and equipment coverage to work at weddings. Though you can purchase coverage for a one-day event, you may want a year-long policy if you frequently shoot...

A man looking at his phone and working on a laptop.
Being self-employed comes with freedom as well as risks. Learn how freelance business insurance can protect your business no matter your profession.
Professional photographers at a shoot
Photo & video professionals
Learn about the Certified Professional Photographer program and how it can benefit your photography business.
A photographer takes a photo at a winter session.
Photo & video professionals
The holidays are an opportune time for photographers to grow their business with family portrait sessions, charity events, holiday photography workshops, and partnerships with local businesses.
Photographers work in silhouette at a concert.
Photo & video professionals

To find success as a photographer, you'll need to strike a balance between staying true to your art and finding paid work. In this interview, freelance photographer Suzanne Cordeiro talks about how...

A photographer reviews the photographs on her camera.
Photo & video professionals

There's so much useful content for professional photographers on Twitter that sifting through it all can be overwhelming. If you're searching for inspiration and guidance as a photographer, these six...

Photographer working in office.
Photo & video professionals
If you want to turn your passion for photography into a profitable business, continue reading for a breakdown of business expenses you should expect and realistic goals to set.
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