Growing a business

Small business owner shaking hands with referred customer.
Growing a business

A referral program can help you turn your existing customers into active promoters of your business and partners in your success. Regardless of your type of business, every satisfied customer is a...

A small business after being heavily damaged by a hurricane.
Growing a business
Many small businesses don’t survive natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. The time to get ready for a hurricane is long before the season starts.
Insurance agent talking with potential clients
Insurance professionals

Once you secure clients, your insurance business can start relying on premium renewals to bring in revenue. So, how does a new insurance agent get clients in the first place? Here are our top five...

Overworked business person at desk with paperwork.
Human resources & hiring

Many American businesses are struggling to hire enough staff these days, which can adversely impact their operations. This makes it hard for them to satisfy customers and to hang on to the employees...

Small business owner reviewing notes with a client.
Professional liability / E&O

By addressing your business risks with the right mitigation strategies and preparing for any disputes, you can reduce your chance of a lawsuit and the impact it can have on your reputation and your...

A closeup of a calculator, a computer, and a person writing their tax deductions on a paper.
There are a number of business tax deductions that can help you save money. Learn about which deductions your small business could be eligible for this year.
A photographer takes a photo at a winter session.
Photo & video professionals

If you want to grow your photography business, you’ll need to expand your client roster. There are a variety of ways to attract new customers to your photography business, like developing a solid...

Construction contractors measuring the surface area of a work site.
Launching a successful construction business means drafting the right business plan, defining your marketing strategy, and searching for new contract opportunities.
Painting contractor applying a coat of paint to the walls of a commercial building.
Getting your painting business off the ground requires a solid business plan, a marketing strategy, and the right approach to writing up painting contracts between yourself and your customers.
Two people in helmets working on a roof.
The construction industry is full of risks. However, there are several types of construction insurance that can keep your small business protected from the most common hazards.
Small business owners shaking hands
Small business insurance
Thank you for being at the heart of our communities.
A military father embracing his young son.
Starting a business

From government programs to private and nonprofit sectors, there are many resources to help veterans in business their small business endeavors. The organizations listed here can help veterans...

A small business owner meeting with a prospective new client.
Growing a business
A business expansion can gain new customers, and potentially more profits, for a small business owner. Of course, you’ll need the right strategy to avoid growing pains and remain profitable.
A view of people working on computers through a glass wall.
IT & technology professionals
Researching competitors, finding funding sources, and protecting yourself with contracts and business insurance are just a few of the steps you should take when you start an IT services business.
A group of people converse at a work event.
Growing a business
Success in business has a lot to do with who you know. Building relationships and partnerships with the right people is critical to the growth and success of your small business.
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