Product liability insurance
What you need to know about product liability and lawsuits
Product liability claims can wreck a small business. Learn who can be held liable for product defects, what causes these lawsuits, and how you can reduce your company’s risks.
Retail risk management: The top 6 threats
Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or sell products online, take steps to protect your business from these common retail risks.
E-commerce & online retailers
Common cybersecurity threats for e-commerce businesses
E-commerce businesses that handle personal information and credit card numbers face an elevated risk of cyberattacks.
Customer service
How the right to refuse service can impact your business
Is it legal to refuse service to potential customers? In some cases, yes. But make sure you read about the negative impact that refusing service can have on your business before making a decision.
Customer service
Does your business have the right to refuse service to customers?
In some cases, it is legally prohibited to refuse service to a customer. To avoid putting you and your business at risk, learn when you can and cannot turn away a would-be customer.
A product liability crash course for retailers
If a customer is injured by a dangerous or defective product, they might hold your retail business accountable. Learn when your retail business is liable for defective goods it sold.
6 cybersecurity tips for small retailers
A data breach can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars, and break trust with customers. Prevent data breaches by taking steps to secure your retail business's point-of-sale system.
Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Fostering a family business with Pinch Provisions
Every small business has a unique story. Jamie Kaplan, CFO and senior vice president of strategy at Pinch Provisions, talks entrepreneurship, rebranding, and working with family members.
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