Product liability insurance

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Your business could face a costly lawsuit if a defect in your software leads to property damage or physical injury. Here’s what you should know about software product liability and how to protect...

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Product liability insurance
Product liability claims can wreck a small business. Learn who can be held liable for product defects, what causes these lawsuits, and how you can reduce your company’s risks.
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Business research
63% of small business owners say they don't approve of the FCC's repeal of net neutrality, with 76% saying they're worried the change could give big companies an unfair advantage.
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If a customer is injured by a dangerous or defective product, they might hold your retail business accountable. Learn when your retail business is liable for defective goods it sold.
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When you take on a catering gig, you open yourself up to a variety of liabilities, including tragic and expensive wrongful death suits. Protect your catering business from astronomical legal fees...

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