Professional liability insurance

Managing risks
Professional liability vs. errors and omissions insurance
Professional liability and errors and omissions insurance both protect businesses from expensive lawsuits caused by unsatisfactory work. The language used may differ by industry.
Managing risks
Professional negligence vs. ordinary negligence
Being accused of either ordinary negligence or professional negligence can cause your business to be sued. Learn about the different types of negligence and how to avoid them.
Lawn care
How to buy lawn care insurance
When shopping for lawn care insurance, assess your business risks, find an agent with industry experience, prioritize coverage quality over cost, and read the policy’s fine print.
Photo & video
What camera insurance do professional photographers need?
Professional photographers should carry commercial property insurance to protect their expensive equipment, along with a few other policies.
The top risk management threats for architects
Design and construction errors can create major problems for architects, but they aren’t the only risks that can impact your business.
Managing risks
The benefits and limitations of small business insurance
Small business insurance can help you comply with state laws, protect your employees, and win more clients.
General liability insurance
Occurrence vs. claims-made insurance: Why it matters
Whether you choose an occurrence or claims-made insurance policy can affect what you pay for coverage. Compare quotes from leading companies online with Insureon.
General liability insurance
Why do companies need liability insurance coverage?
Liability insurance not only protects your business and personal assets in the event of a lawsuit, but also is often required for business contracts.
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