Professional liability / E&O

A small business owner talking to a licensed agent about their general liability and professional liability insurance options
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In this video, we provide a side-by-side comparison of general liability and professional liability insurance. Both policies offer protection against common small business risks, but cover two...

Picture of judge with gavel.
A lawsuit against a business typically ends in three different ways: the case is dropped, there’s an out-of-court settlement, or there’s a judgment issued by a jury or a judge.
Real estate professional handing keys to home owner.
Real estate
Errors and omissions coverage can help manage professional liability risks associated with the real estate industry. Get free quotes and buy online with Insureon.
Doctor reviewing patient information on tablet.
Professional liability / E&O
Professionals of all industries are vulnerable to malpractice lawsuits, even if they don't make a mistake.
A doctor reviewing their medical malpractice policy on their laptop
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In this video, we provide a side-by-side comparison of medical malpractice and professional liability insurance. No matter the type of professional services or advice you provide, know there’s...

A nurse assisting an elderly patient in a hospital room.
Healthcare professionals

When nurses care for multiple patients at a time, it puts them at risk of malpractice claims and lawsuits. Let’s take a look at the most common risks for nurses and how to reduce the chance of a...

A male arm looking through insurance papers.
Business insurance tips
Being informed about key insurance terms can save you time and money when shopping for commercial insurance.
Closeup of hands signing a contract.
Business insurance tips
The range of options for small business insurance can be overwhelming. Learn how to choose the right coverage for your small business.
A doctor listening to their medical malpractice insurance options
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Medical malpractice insurance protects healthcare professionals from legal claims related to professional negligence and mistakes. It can be required by state law, government contracts, or clients.
Small business owner reviewing notes with a client.
Professional liability / E&O

By addressing your business risks with the right mitigation strategies and preparing for any disputes, you can reduce your chance of a lawsuit and the impact it can have on your reputation and your...

Contractors and a businessman review building plans.
Independent contractors
While many independent contractors buy insurance for themselves, you may need to provide some types of insurance for the contractors you hire as a way of covering their liabilities and your own.
Business people reviewing contract
Professional liability / E&O
Professional liability insurance is a must-have for many businesses, especially if you provide a service. Read on to see if this coverage is right for you.
An IT technician completes a checklist in a server room.
IT & technology professionals

Miscommunications, data breaches, and poor business protocols can lead to costly lawsuits for information technology consultants. Reduce your risk by protecting yourself with errors and omissions...

A business owner reviews a document with a client.
Professional liability / E&O

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance can cover your legal expenses if an unsatisfied client sues your business for any mistakes or oversights. Anyone who provides professional advice or services to...

Two people in helmets working on a roof.
The construction industry is full of risks. However, there are several types of construction insurance that can keep your small business protected from the most common hazards.
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