General liability insurance

How does ADA compliance apply to small businesses?

Businesses that don't provide access in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act can face harsh civil penalties. Learn how your business can manage ADA lawsuits with careful compliance and...

Special event insurance for nonprofit organizations

If your nonprofit organization hosts fundraising events, it's important to invest in insurance to reduce liability. Learn more about why your charity needs insurance for special events and how it can...

Photo & video professionals
What camera insurance do professional photographers need?
Professional photographers can carry commercial property insurance and other policies to protect their expensive equipment.
Starting a business
How to get a business license
Regardless of your type of work, you’ll likely need a small business license from your state or local government in order to operate in your industry.
Does general liability insurance cover copyright infringement lawsuits?

Many large companies aggressively protect their trademarks with legal teams. Fortunately, small businesses can rely on general liability insurance if they accidentally infringe on another business's...

Photo & video professionals
Best wedding photographer insurance for one-day events

Photographers often need liability insurance and equipment coverage to work at weddings. Though you can purchase coverage for a one-day event, you may want a year-long policy if you frequently shoot...

Starting a business
Which insurance policies do sole proprietors need?
If you're a sole proprietor, having business insurance can provide useful protection against lawsuits, damaged property, and lost wages.
Small business insurance
Best options for buying small business insurance in 2022

When comparing business insurance quotes, it’s important to choose reputable insurance companies. The following are some of the best providers for the most necessary and affordable types of small...

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