Workers' compensation insurance

Food bank volunteers.
Food banks and other charities often face limited resources and high demand for their services. By managing risks, they can insulate their finances and continue to meet their goals.
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Business insurance tips
Being informed about key insurance terms can save you time and money when shopping for commercial insurance.
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Business insurance tips
The range of options for small business insurance can be overwhelming. Learn how to choose the right coverage for your small business.
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Workers' compensation insurance
The cost of your business's workers' compensation insurance varies state by state.
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Cleaning services
Getting your cleaning business bonded and insured can lower risks and help you grow your business. Learn what you need to do, and how much it will cost you.
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Independent contractors
While many independent contractors buy insurance for themselves, you may need to provide some types of insurance for the contractors you hire as a way of covering their liabilities and your own.
People visiting vendor booths at an outdoor festival.

Vendors like artisans, bakers, and restaurants face unique risks, and often need insurance to appear at a venue. Learn how vendor liability insurance can protect your business and provide you with...

A woman rubbing her neck in pain at work.
Workers' compensation insurance
Knowing the most common workplace injuries and how to prevent them can decrease the number of workplace accidents at your business and increase your employees' safety.
Two people in helmets working on a roof.
The construction industry is full of risks. However, there are several types of construction insurance that can keep your small business protected from the most common hazards.
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Insureon videos

When you own a small business, you don't have to pay a lot for workers' compensation insurance. In this short video, find out how much you can expect to pay for this policy, and how Insureon can help...

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Insureon videos
When you work for yourself, you're usually exempt from workers' compensation requirements. However, you may decide to buy this coverage for protection against job-related medical bills.
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Business insurance basics
Most states require you to have workman's comp if your business has employees. Learn more about how workers' comp can protect your business, and get quotes from top carriers with Insureon.
Business owner looking at tablet next to the words "Workers' comp vs. health insurance"
Insureon videos
Whether you are an independent contractor or hire employees, there are several benefits to carrying workers’ compensation—even if you already have health insurance.
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Insureon videos
Businesses with only a few employees don't have to pay a lot for workers' compensation insurance, and it can protect you from medical bills and legal costs if an employee sues over an injury.
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Workers' compensation insurance

Your business may change over time and look different from what you originally estimated when you purchased workers’ compensation insurance. Learn about what to expect when your insurer performs an...

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