Commercial auto insurance

Business insurance tips
Why skimping on LLC insurance can be a costly mistake

Forming an LLC can protect your personal assets, but that doesn’t mean your business assets are untouchable. Learn why your LLC faces risks like any other business structure – and how LLC insurance...

Property insurance
How does commercial property insurance coverage work?
Commercial property insurance protects assets that are essential to your business, and carriers will customize policies to meet your unique needs.
Commercial auto insurance
Why personal car insurance may not cover business use
Insurance companies view business drivers as bigger risks than personal drivers. That's why you may need auto insurance that specifically covers driving for work purposes.
Commercial auto insurance
6 driving safety tips for businesses with employees
If your employees are involved in a car crash, you may be liable for their medical costs as well as those of other people injured in the crash.
Commercial auto insurance
The difference between personal and commercial auto insurance
The line between a personal vehicle and a commercial vehicle is sometimes unclear. Find out which types of auto insurance cover vehicles used for work.
Commercial auto insurance
Small business insurance and car accidents: Are you covered?
You may not be covered by your personal auto insurance when you are using your own car on the job.
Commercial auto insurance
How are commercial auto insurance premiums calculated?
The cost of your commercial auto insurance policy is based on several variables, some of which may surprise you.
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