Does nonprofit insurance protect your volunteers?

Not all nonprofit liability insurance policies cover the actions of people volunteering with your organization. To protect yourself against injuries to volunteers and property damage caused by...

Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Combat to career with VetLaunch

Many veterans want to start their own businesses, but aren't sure where to start or don't know what types of resources are available to them. In this interview, VetLaunch CEO Robert Armbruster talks...

When do nonprofits need workers’ compensation insurance for volunteers?
Depending on its location and how long it retains its volunteers, a nonprofit organization might need workers' compensation for its volunteers.
Small business stories
Ohio firm The Voice of Your Customer shares tips for working with interns
Working with interns can be a win-win for small businesses. Crystal Kendrick, president of Cincinnati-based marketing firm The Voice of Your Customer, shares her experience employing student workers.
Food banks
Risk management check-in for food banks and other charities

Even food banks and other charities need insurance to protect their employees and volunteers and help their organization thrive. Learn about the insurance coverage guidelines your nonprofit should be...

Settlements vs. judgments: Workers’ compensation claims for nonprofits
The difference between a workers' compensation judgment and settlement can be confusing. Learn more about the differences and how it applies to your nonprofit.
Special event insurance for nonprofit organizations

If your nonprofit organization hosts fundraising events, it's important to invest in insurance to reduce liability. Read on for more information about why your charity needs insurance for special...

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