Food bank volunteers.
Food banks and other charities often face limited resources and high demand for their services. By managing risks, they can insulate their finances and continue to meet their goals.
Family about to run.

If your nonprofit organization hosts fundraising events, it's important to invest in insurance to reduce liability. Learn what insurance coverage your charity needs and how it can protect your...

Businessmen carrying umbrellas during a storm
Commercial umbrella insurance
Commercial umbrella insurance can serve as an extra buffer of financial protection if your business exceeds its other forms of coverage. Find out how this policy works.
Two volunteers serve trays of food at a soup kitchen.

Not all nonprofit liability insurance policies cover the actions of people volunteering with your organization. To protect yourself against injuries to volunteers and property damage caused by...

Group of volunteers working.
Depending on its location and how long it retains its volunteers, a nonprofit organization might need workers' compensation for its volunteers.
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