Small business insurance

A small business after being heavily damaged by a hurricane.
Growing a business
Many small businesses don’t survive natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. The time to get ready for a hurricane is long before the season starts.
Child playing with toys in a daycare center.
Human & social services
If you're looking to start a daycare center, it's essential to have the right risk management plan and business insurance in place to protect your investment.
People visiting vendor booths at an outdoor festival.

Vendors like artisans, bakers, and restaurants face unique risks, and often need insurance to appear at a venue. Learn how vendor liability insurance can protect your business and provide you with...

Woman purchasing roses from a florist.
Small business insurance
While seasonal business insurance is an option for some, most business owners would benefit from investing in continuous coverage for their small business.
A laptop with Insureon homepage next to the words "How much does small liability insurance cost?"
Insureon videos
Small businesses often have low risks and few employees—which can make business insurance very affordable.
Small business owners shaking hands
Small business insurance
Thank you for being at the heart of our communities.
A military father embracing his young son.
Starting a business

From government programs to private and nonprofit sectors, there are many resources to help veterans in business their small business endeavors. The organizations listed here can help veterans...

Person standing next to the words "Small Business Insurance 101: Start with the right policies"
Business insurance basics
This video explains how Insureon helps small business owners protect their dreams by offering the most important insurance policies that each small business needs.
A small business owner meeting with a prospective new client.
Growing a business
A business expansion can gain new customers, and potentially more profits, for a small business owner. Of course, you’ll need the right strategy to avoid growing pains and remain profitable.
A person mops in front of a caution wet floor sign.
Cleaning services

General liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, property insurance, and janitorial bonds keep your cleaning business safe from financial liabilities. Learn more about the types of...

Closeup of a person's hand signing a document.
Small business insurance
Landlords often require business owners to carry commercial lease insurance. Learn why you may need to purchase insurance before signing a lease, and the types of coverage you may need to carry.
Small business owner comparing insurance companies on tablet
Small business insurance

Having the right small business insurance is important. And re-evaluating your business’ insurance needs regularly is just as important. One step is to make sure you’re working with the right...

A patient reviewing their workers' compensation insurance policy on their laptop
Workers' compensation insurance

Although they are similar policies, workers’ comp protects both the employer and employees from the cost of job-related injuries and illnesses, while disability insurance covers an employee for...

Hands placed one on top of the other.
Workers' compensation insurance
Where health insurance coverage ends and workers' comp coverage begins can be confusing for employers and employees alike. Learn about how the two insurance policies differ from one another.
Person signing insurance and bonding documents.
Surety bonds
Business insurance and bonds protect your business from financial losses and help you win clients.
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