Small business insurance

People visiting vendor booths at an outdoor festival.
Vendors like artisans, bakers, and restaurants face unique risks. Learn how vendor liability insurance can protect your business.
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Small business insurance
The number of options for business insurance can be overwhelming. Learn how to choose the coverage you need for your small business.
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Human resources & hiring
Learn who’s considered an employee of your business, and why it matters when it comes to taxes and insurance.
Liability insurance certificate
Small business insurance
The insurance industry is rooted in the principle of people coming together to mitigate risks and respond to fires, theft, and other dangers.
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Small business insurance
Small business insurance can help you comply with state laws, protect your employees, and win more clients.
Building collapsing after earthquake hits.
Small business insurance

Many small business owners are surprised to discover their commercial property insurance doesn't include earthquake coverage. If your building is at risk of damage from earthquakes, you may need an...

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Small business insurance
Learn about the possible risks and penalties for letting your business insurance lapse with these real-world examples.
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