Starting a business
Sole proprietor vs. independent contractor: What’s the difference?

Sole proprietor and independent contractor are terms that describe people who work for themselves. Which one applies to your business depends on the taxation structure and your professional...

Why some contracts require small business insurance
Many contracts require that businesses hold some type of insurance coverage, such as professional liability insurance.
Errors & omissions insurance
How subcontractor agreements protect your IT business
When you hire a subcontractor you expose your IT business to additional risks. You can mitigate these risks by using a written subcontractor agreement.
General liability insurance
Why your commercial lease requires liability insurance
Before signing a commercial lease, it is typically necessary for the tenant to be covered by a business liability insurance policy.
IT / Technology
How general liability insurance helps you comply with client contracts

When a business hires you to do IT work for them or for a client on their behalf, they take on new liabilities. To limit their risk, many businesses require that their IT contractors carry general...

Workers' compensation insurance
Law vs. contracts in workers' comp requirements: the law always wins

Even if your state doesn't require you to carry workers' compensation insurance, it may still be required by a contract. If you have one or more employees, check out the following resources to make...

IT / Technology
The legal limits of written contracts for IT startups

Contracts are a crucial part of protecting your business from liability and other lawsuit risks, but there are limits to how much they cover. Find out more about IT contracts in terms any business...

Janitorial services
6 things to include in your janitorial services contract
Cleaning contracts are a great way to manage client expectations and curb delayed payment issues. Learn about the six things you should include in a janitorial services contract.
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