Human resources & hiring

Human resources & hiring
What is an employee?
Learn who’s considered an employee of your business, and why it matters when it comes to taxes and insurance.
Workers' compensation insurance
How does workers' comp work for remote employees?
Workers’ compensation insurance can be tricky when your employees are working from home. Here’s what you need to know about out-of-office work injuries and how to lower telecommuting risks.
Human resources & hiring
What if you can’t afford your small business employees’ salaries anymore?
You have a few options for how to proceed when you can no longer afford your employees.
Human resources & hiring
Employee vs. contractor: How to make the right choice

While employees and independent contractors both complete work for your business, they have two different roles in your organization. Find out whether you should make your next hire an employee or a...

Commercial auto insurance
6 driving safety tips for businesses with employees
If your employees are involved in a car crash, you may be liable for their medical costs as well as those of other people injured in the crash.
Workers' compensation insurance
8 workplace safety tips for employers
Cultivating a safe work environment protects your employees and your business, in addition to saving you money.
Workers' compensation insurance
What to do after an employee is injured at work
It's critical for business owners to know how to handle employee injury incidents correctly. Otherwise the employer may be fined or penalized for breaking the law.
Human resources & hiring
How to find good employees for your small business
Hiring the right person for the job can be invaluable to the success of your business.
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