Professional liability insurance

Small business insurance
Small business insurance can help you comply with state laws, protect your employees, and win more clients.
General liability insurance
Whether you choose an occurrence or claims-made insurance policy can affect what you pay for coverage. Compare quotes from leading companies online with Insureon.

Some investors aren't just disappointed when the cost of a building project exceeds your estimate, they actually sue. And, if your professional advice led them to believe the project would cost less,...

Professional liability insurance
If your business is sued by a client, you should immediately begin the process of making a claim on your professional liability insurance.
Starting a business
Consider purchasing commercial insurance to protect your assets if you are thinking of opening your own business.
IT & technology professionals
All businesses can benefit from reducing their professional liability exposure. The following article highlights six ways IT companies can protect themselves from a lawsuit.
Why do consultants get sued? Learn how to avoid disputes and gain protection against four common lawsuits with consultant insurance.
Therapy & counseling

Mental health professionals who meet with their clients remotely face unique challenges, including ensuring a secure and private internet connection and making sure they adhere to state regulations....

IT & technology professionals
HIPAA and HITECH are data security regulations that can affect any healthcare company. Learn more about how they affect your liability.
Certificate of insurance
Hiring an independent contractor comes with its own set of insurance considerations and requirements.
Professional liability insurance
If your business is sued for malpractice, the suit can progress in one of three ways: the case may be dropped, you may settle out of court, or a judge may make a decision.
Therapy & counseling
If your client thinks you have overstepped your professional boundaries, you could be sued for malpractice.
Human & social services
Alerting yourself to potential lawsuit triggers can help to ensure that your health business doesn't face allegations of negligence or malpractice.
The best way to deal with a medical malpractice lawsuit is to stop it before it happens.
Professional liability insurance
Professionals of all industries are vulnerable to malpractice lawsuits, even if they don't make a mistake.
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