Business Insurance Requirements for Photographers and Videographers in Georgia

Georgia’s vibrant film and TV production industry can translate into plenty of gigs for local photographers and videographers. Regardless of whether you are a freelance photographer in Savannah or the owner of a small video production company in Atlanta, the right business insurance can help protect your investment in your business.

To avoid paying potential lawsuits over photo or video products that don’t match client expectations, many photographers and videographers purchase professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions insurance. This policy can provide coverage if a client isn’t satisfied with your work and decides to sue. If you rent studio space, your landlord will likely require you to buy a general liability insurance policy. It can cover legal and medical expenses related to third-party property damage or injury. Workers’ compensation insurance can protect you and your employees from costs associated with workplace injuries. If you have three or more employees, you are legally required to purchase this policy in the state of Georgia.

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Find the right insurance policy for your photography or videography business

The most common policies for photographers and videographers vary depending on a number of factors, including revenue, client contracts, and partnerships. The table below illustrates which policies might work best for your business type.


Business type General liability / BOP Professional liability Workers' comp
Sole proprietor X X  
Contractor / freelancer X X  
Business owner with employees X X X


General liability insurance: Whether you work on location or in a studio, general liability insurance protects your business against claims of third-party physical harm or property damage. If you back your vehicle into a fence while unloading equipment, general liability insurance will cover the cost of the property damage and any associated legal fees. Videographers and photographers often qualify for a business owner’s policy (BOP), a form of coverage that bundles general liability with commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance covers your camera and the rest of your equipment, from lighting kits to editing software and office furniture.

Professional liability insurance: This policy, also known as errors and omissions insurance, provides coverage when a client or third party claims your business failed to deliver on what was promised. Professional liability insurance can save a photographer or videographer from costly lawsuits or reshoots requested by a client.

Georgia workers’ compensation insurance: If an injury occurs on the job, medical fees and missed wages can result in tremendous financial loss. Workers’ compensation acts as a financial safety net when you or an employee has a work-related illness or injury. In Georgia, this form of coverage is required for all business with three or more workers.

It’s a good idea to consider purchasing workers’ comp even if you work alone. Although the photo/video industry offers a relatively safe workplace, accidents happen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most frequent injuries for photographers and videographers in the United States are overexertion and bodily reactions, followed by slips, trips, and falls. Even for a minor injury, workers’ comp offers peace of mind knowing that you can take time to recover without worrying about financial loss.

Business insurance costs for photographers and videographers in Georgia

According to an analysis of Insureon applications, the median cost of photography business insurance and video production insurance is about the same in Georgia as it is across the United States.

Georgia photographers and videographers can expect to pay about $425 each year for a general liability policy, or $500 if they bundle it with commercial property insurance by purchasing a BOP. Errors and omissions coverage will run about $320 for Georgia photographers and videographers.

The one policy that varies considerably from the national median is workers’ compensation. In Georgia, the cost of workers’ comp is almost double the national median, at $2,021. Small business owners in Georgia aren’t required to provide workers’ comp until they employ at least three individuals; that means the national median could be skewed by companies with only one employee. Workers’ compensation increases in cost depending on the number of employees. The higher cost in Georgia could also be the result of one or two outlier policies – meaning the typical cost for photographers or videographers could be significantly less.

Median Insurance Costs for Georgia Photographers and Videographers

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