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What is builder’s risk insurance?

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Builder's risk insurance

Builder's risk insurance is also called course of construction insurance. It provides coverage for structures under construction for damages related to fire, theft, vandalism, and other risks.

Why do small businesses need a builder’s risk policy?

Builder's risk insurance covers damage to a construction project caused by weather, fire, vandalism, or theft. If an unexpected event harms the structure or materials on your construction site, this insurance policy pays for the repairs or replacements needed to get the project back on track.

Because of this protection, builder's risk insurance is a key policy for construction and contracting businesses. In fact, your clients might request that you carry this policy before you begin work, or it may be required by local building codes.

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Benefits of builder's risk coverage:

  • Protect a structure in progress
  • Protect temporary structures
  • Safeguard construction materials
  • Fulfill client requirements
  • Comply with local and state building codes

How does builder’s risk insurance work?

Builder’s risk insurance is a type of commercial property insurance that lasts only for the duration of a construction project. The policy usually goes into effect before the first building materials arrive at the job site, and coverage ends as soon as the project is complete.

Depending on the insurance company, this coverage may be added as an endorsement or purchased as a standalone policy. The policy can cover an existing building under renovation or new construction.

Who pays for builder's risk insurance?

You might wonder who is responsible for builder's risk insurance. Anyone with a financial stake in a construction project can purchase a builder’s risk policy to protect their investment from theft and property damage. That includes general contractors, carpenters, subcontractors, building owners, and developers.

If the property owner or developer buys the policy, contractors or subcontractors may want to make sure they are listed as a named insured. You may need to have a discussion with all involved parties to clarify who is responsible for buying the policy and who is listed on it.

Builder's risk insurance is usually more important for contractors than property owners, since courts typically hold contractors liable for construction site damage.

How much does builder's risk insurance cost?

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The cost of builder’s risk insurance depends on the total completed value of the structure, not including the land. Relevant factors include:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Number of employees
  • Limits, deductibles, and other coverage options
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Builder's risk vs. course of construction insurance

Builder's risk insurance and course of construction insurance refer to the same coverage. The only difference is what the insurance company chooses to call the policy.

However, there are differences in what your insurance company might include in your policy. With some policies, you may need to add inland marine insurance to cover items in transit.

Other builder's risk policies might include this protection. When you buy insurance, confirm with your agent what your policy does and does not include to make sure you get the coverage you need.

What other type of insurance do builders need?

Builder's risk insurance is crucial for structures under construction, but it doesn't protect against every risk. Construction business owners and contractors should consider additional coverage including:

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