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Janitorial bonds for cleaning businesses

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Surety bonds

Surety bonds act as a contract between a business, a client, and an insurance company. They guarantee the insurer will reimburse the client if the business fails to deliver contracted services.

Janitorial / surety bonds protect your clients

Your employees likely have access to private homes and offices – often unsupervised. However much you trust them, that leaves ample opportunity for theft.

A janitorial bond is a type of surety bond that reimburses your clients for employee theft. Unlike insurance, your bond carrier (surety) will expect reimbursement when it pays for a claim. Your clients might request that your residential cleaning or janitorial company secure this coverage.

This cleaning service bond provides coverage related to:

  • Employee theft of money or property
  • Accusations of employee theft
  • Client contracts

What protection can janitorial bonds provide for cleaning businesses?

Employee theft of money or property

A janitorial bond is a business service bond that protects customers from property theft by one of your employees. It covers losses if an employee steals items or money from a client while cleaning a home or business. This policy doesn’t cover damage to a client’s property, only theft. It directly reimburses a client for the loss.

Accusations of employee theft

Even if your employee is innocent, a janitorial bond will reimburse a client who accuses an employee of theft. Janitorial bonds are important for any cleaning business, as even the most reliable employee can be falsely accused.

Client contracts

You are not required to carry cleaning business bonding insurance. However, many private clients and business owners will only hire cleaning companies that are bonded and insured. A janitorial bond assures your customers that if their property goes missing, the bond will cover the loss. It helps establish credibility and gives you an edge over companies that are not bonded.

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Other important policies for cleaning businesses

A janitorial service bond provides protection against employee theft, but your cleaning business faces many other risks. House cleaners, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, and other cleaning professionals should also consider:

General liability insurance: This policy will help pay for expenses if a client slips on a wet floor after you mop, or you break a valuable keepsake while dusting. Your clients may require this type of insurance in their contracts.

Workers’ compensation insurance: This policy is required in most states for cleaning businesses that have employees. If a pool cleaner hurts his back while loading equipment, or a house cleaner develops an illness due to prolonged exposure to cleaning chemicals, workers’ comp can pay for medical bills as well as partial lost wages.

Commercial auto insurance: Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles owned by your cleaning business. It can pay for injuries and property damage in an accident, plus damage to company vehicles caused by weather and vandalism.

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Janitorial bonds are generally very affordable. The cost will depend on the number of employees, the amount of coverage, and other factors.

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