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15. August 2014 07:42

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Chances are, you didn’t choose to build your business just any old place. You carefully selected the state, city, and community where you laid down roots. Maybe the market opportunity was too good to pass up. Perhaps you saw the potential in an area’s peculiar charm and decided to see what happens.

You probably already appreciate that your location is part of what makes your small business unique. But you may not know that where you live also affects your insurance coverage.

That’s why we created this user-friendly guide: “Small Business Insurance by State.”

On each state’s page, you’ll discover hallmarks of your state’s business climate, insurance laws you must comply with, and hazards specific to your area.

How Does Your Location Affect Your Insurance?

Your small business insurance needs and premium rates can vary drastically depending on where you live. Here are a few location-based factors that impact your coverage:

If that seems like a lot of information to keep straight, don’t worry. Just check out our guide and click on your state’s link for a concise summary of its notable quirks.

Why You Should Work with an Insurance Agent Who “Gets” Your Area

Why make protecting your business more complicated than it ought to be? At insureon, we tend to think the process of getting tailored coverage should be a cakewalk for every small-business owner. That’s why our agents are trained by the industry and by the area. This allows us to…

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