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How Much DOES Small Business Insurance Cost?

27. April 2015 06:35

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If we had to pin down the most common question we hear from our small-business clients, this question wins by a landslide. Many small businesses have tight budgets to contend with, so why wouldn't they worry about insurance costs?

So we pulled the pricing data and crunched the numbers from some of the thousands of businesses we've insured in 2014. The result? We created several resources to help shed light on this tricky question.

Small Business Insurance Cost Guides

Before you take these numbers as gospel, here are a few disclaimers: the average and median policy prices represented on the following pages are not quotes. These numbers are based on data and are intended to give you an idea about how much insurance may cost. Your actual rates depend on your business's exact characteristics.

Check out these resources for descriptive pricing analyses. There are charts and graphs for all our visual learners out there!

Looking for a more detailed, industry-specific breakdown of insurance costs? We have resources for that, too. Check out the sample cost analyses / sample quotes on our dedicated microsites below:

Again, the figures represented on these pages are just to give you a sense of typical premium rates. To give you a better idea of how your premiums are determined, let's recap some factors that affect the price of your coverage.

Behind the Price of a Small Business Insurance Policy

Small business insurance costs depend on several factors, including…

If you want to get an actual quote for your business – one that accurately accounts for all these nitty-gritty details – you'll need to fill out an online insurance application.


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