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Janitorial and Cleaning Professionals: The SPICE Endorsement and Other Essential Insurance Policies

30. September 2013 14:05

Having a tough time finding information on the type of insurance your janitorial or cleaning service needs to stay protected? It's no wonder.

As a janitor, maid, or another type of cleaning professional, you have an interesting predicament – you're often traveling to and from sites you don't own, you do most of you work on these sites (which might contain valuable property you and your team have to work around), and you have to transport expensive equipment wherever you work. So how can you make sure accidents on the job don't cost you big money and jeopardize your ability to land new clients?

The short answer is to make sure you invest in a Supplemental Property Insurance Coverage Endorsement, or SPICE, when you're buying insurance for your business.

What is the SPICE Endorsement?

Good question. It sounds like a whole lot of jargon, but the truth is it's actually quite simple. You'll find that most business insurance policies appear confusing on the surface, but when you break them down – much like an ugly stain on an old carpet – they clear up nicely.

The SPICE Endorsement is specifically geared toward businesses like yours that specialize in cleaning and janitorial maintenance. It's an add-on policy (called a “rider” or “endorsement” in insurance lingo) to existing Property Insurance policies that allows you to stay protected while traveling to and from work sites. A SPICE protects your personal property (cleaning materials, vacuums, carts) from:

Because these items are so crucial to your work, it's important that you keep them secured while you're on the road.

In addition to protecting the items you use the most, the SPICE offers $25,000 of basic business income protection (i.e., benefits to replace income you can't earn if you suffer a covered property loss that prevents you from working) at locations of your choosing. Plus, it provides protection for losses from employee theft and forgery.

To find out more about how this policy can benefit your janitorial or cleaning services business, contact an insureon agent with expertise in covering janitors and other cleaning professionals.

What If I Don't Have a Property Insurance Policy?

You might be saying to yourself, “Okay, but what if I don't have an existing Property Insurance policy to add a SPICE to?” No worries. You can secure Property coverage through a standalone policy or by bundling it with General Liability Insurance in what's called a Business Owner's Policy, or BOP. (Read more about the Business Owner's Policy (or BOP) for janitors and cleaners).

Getting coverage for your business starts with filling out an online application or calling an insureon agent (800-688-1984) for guidance about what kind of coverage you need.

What if One of My Clients is Injured After I Clean?

A potential scenario is one in which one of your employee does too good a job waxing a client's floor, causing someone to slip on the slick surface, fall, and injure themselves. When an injury occurs, the potential for a lawsuit exists. True, the likelihood of someone suing you over a slip and fall injury may be low, but it only takes one such lawsuit to drain your bank account: lawyer's fees and court costs add up quickly even if you aren't ultimately required to pay a settlement or judgment.

The good news? Your insurance can protect you from third-party injury lawsuits like the one described above. While the SPICE endorsement doesn't cover third-party injury claims, the BOP's General Liability Coverage does. So investing in a BOP can provide wide-ranging protection for the most common liabilities your business faces.

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