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Insurance for Texas cleaning businesses

Learn about business insurance requirements and the most common policies for janitors and maids in Texas.

Which policies are required for cleaning businesses in Texas?

Depending on the specifics of your cleaning business, you may be required to hold several different types of business insurance.

If you use a company car to visit customers’ properties, you may need to purchase commercial auto insurance to meet state requirements.

If you have a physical location with a commercial lease, your property manager may require you to purchase general liability insurance. Commonly purchased by janitors and maids in Texas, general liability insurance can protect your business from expenses associated with common mishaps, such as customer property damage and injuries.

Even if your business has employees, you do not need to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to meet state requirements in Texas. Even so, the policy can be useful as it covers lost wages and medical bills if an employee is injured at work.

Depending on your clients, you may also need to purchase a janitorial bond to fulfill the terms of a contract. This bond protects your clients from property loss due to employee theft.

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What are the most common policies for Texas cleaning businesses?

The most common policies for cleaning businesses in Texas vary depending on revenue, client contracts, partnerships, and other factors.

General liability insurance icon

General liability insurance

General liability insurance is the foundation of a cleaning business’s protection, with coverage that extends to client injuries, client property damage, and advertising injuries. Most commercial leases require you to have this coverage.

Business owner’s policy icon

Business owner's policy (BOP)

Small cleaning businesses in Houston and elsewhere in the state might qualify for a business owner’s policy. This package helps your business save money by bundling commercial property insurance with general liability insurance at an affordable rate.

Commercial auto insurance icon

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance protects vehicles owned by your cleaning company. It covers property damage and medical bills in an accident, along with vehicle theft, weather damage, and vandalism.

Workers’ compensation insurance icon

Texas workers' compensation

If you own a cleaning company in Texas that has employees, your business is not required to have workers’ compensation coverage. However, the policy will cover lost wages and medical bills if an employee is injured slipping on a wet floor, for example, or develops carpal tunnel syndrome after years of cleaning.

Surety bond icon

Janitorial bonds

Janitorial bonds are a type of surety bond that protect against losses caused by an employee’s dishonesty. If one of your maids or janitors steals from a client, a janitorial bond will reimburse your client.

Umbrella / excess liability insurance icon

Commercial umbrella insurance

Your clients might require commercial umbrella insurance to ensure protection against expensive lawsuits. This policy provides additional coverage on your general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and employer's liability insurance (part of workers' comp) once their limits are reached.

What do cleaners in Texas pay for insurance?

According to an analysis of Insureon applications, the typical janitor or maid in Texas can expect to pay more than the national average for some types of business insurance and less than the national average for other types.

For example, the average annual cost of general liability insurance for janitors and maids in Texas is $1,014, more than the national average of $837. However, the average annual premium for commercial auto insurance is $1,838, less than the national average of $2,127.

Our figures are sourced from the median cost of policies purchased by Insureon customers. The median offers a better estimate of what your business is likely to pay because it excludes outlier high and low premiums.

Median insurance costs for Texas janitors and maids.

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To make the application go quicker, have this information ready:

  • Workforce details, such as the number and types of employees
  • Current and projected revenue
  • Business partnerships
  • Insurance history and prior claims
  • Commercial lease insurance requirements

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Updated: August 24, 2023
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