Business Insurance Requirements for Cleaning Businesses in New York

From the Big Apple to the state capital of Albany, opportunities abound for cleaning professionals in New York. Whether you wash windows or offer comprehensive housekeeping, you’ll find plenty of clients eager for your services.

If you’re a cleaning business owner, it’s important to protect your livelihood from potential setbacks. The last thing you want is a lawsuit that could threaten your business. Choosing the right business insurance can protect you against common risks. For example, a professional liability policy can protect you from court costs and lawyer’s fees when a client sues you for an accident such as using the wrong chemical on a delicate fabric. Workers’ compensation can protect you and your employees from financial hardship if a workplace injury occurs.

Insureon makes shopping for insurance easy with industry-leading technology that gathers quotes from top U.S. carriers that fit your needs. Read more to find out which policies are most common for cleaning businesses in New York, and fill out an application to get your free quotes today.

Find the right insurance policy for your cleaning business

The most common policies for cleaning businesses in New York vary depending on a number of factors, including revenue, client contracts, and partnerships. The table below illustrates which policies might work best for your business type.


Business type General liability BOP / property Bond Workers' comp
Sole proprietor X X X  
Partner X X X  
Contractor / freelancer X X X  
Employer X X X X


Here are some details on how these policies can benefit you:

General liability insurance: General liability insurance is the foundation of a cleaning business’s protection. Coverage extends to bodily injury, client property damage, advertising injury, and the cost of legal defense. Most commercial leases require you to have this coverage.

Professional liability insurance: Many clients require proof of professional liability insurance before entering contracts for professional services. This policy, also called errors and omissions insurance or cleaning business liability insurance, can help cover legal expenses if you’re sued for unsatisfactory work or a business discrepancy.

Surety bond: A surety bond assures your clients that the insurance company will reimburse their losses if you can't deliver contracted services. Unlike a typical insurance policy, you must repay the amount your insurer pays on a claim. Cleaning businesses often need this bond before they enter long-term service contracts.

New York workers' compensation: In New York, virtually all employers must provide workers' compensation coverage for their employees, including family members, part-time and full-time workers, and leased employees. Workers’ comp protects you from lost wages and medical expenses if you or your employees sustain injuries on the job. Injuries are widespread in the cleaning industry. Everything from mopping, moving furniture, and reaching to clean high places can lead to bodily harm. The chart below depicts some of the most common injuries for cleaning businesses nationwide, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most Common Workplace Injuries: Cleaners in the U.S.

Business insurance costs for cleaning businesses in New York

Insurance costs in New York tend to run above the national median, with commercial auto insurance being the most expensive. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, this policy can cover your liability for the other person's bodily injuries and property damage. It can also pay to repair your car when it is damaged by theft, weather events, or vandalism. The chart below shows the relative median costs of business insurance for cleaners in New York versus the rest of the nation.

Median Insurance Costs for New York Janitors & Maids

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To make the application go even quicker, have this information ready:

  • Workforce details, such as the number and types of employees.
  • Current and projected revenue.
  • Business partnerships.
  • Insurance history and prior claims.
  • Commercial lease insurance requirements.

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