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New OSHA Poster Outlines Worker Rights & Employer Responsibilities

19. May 2015 08:27

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Like the versions that came before it, the latest OSHA Job Safety and Health: It's the Law poster informs employees about their rights and the employer's responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. What you may not know is that you are required to display this poster in your business in a place where your employees can easily see it (unless you already have a previous version of the poster proudly displayed – in which case, get down with your compliant self).

If you're new to the business world and OSHA compliance, let's touch on some helpful reminders the poster points out and other employer responsibilities you should be aware of.

Worker Rights & Employer Responsibilities: The Takeaways

As OSHA states, all workers have a right to:

In almost every state and under most conditions, you are required to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance as soon as you hire employees. Though that may seem like one more hoop to jump through, it's actually a good thing for your business. Instead of paying out of pocket for employee medical expenses when they are hurt on the job, your Workers' Comp policy may cover the cost.

Plus, if you do your part to keep the workplace hazard-free and properly train employees, you can reduce occupational risks from the start. It's a win-win for everyone: your employees stay healthy and protected, you comply with OSHA standards, and your business reduces the chance of Workers' Comp claims, which keeps your premium manageable. For more on that, read "How Workplace Safety Can Save a Business Money" and our Workers' Comp Insurance Quote Analysis.


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