South Carolina's Workers' Compensation Insurance Law
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Workers' Compensation Laws in South Carolina

Employers in South Carolina with four or more regular full-time or part-time employees are required to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance. South Carolina works with a broad definition of employees: adults, minors, and seasonal workers are covered under state law.

SC Workers' Comp: Key Details

  • Sole proprietors, partners, and LLC members in South Carolina are not automatically included in Workers' Comp coverage, but may elect to cover themselves with their policy.
  • If a subcontractor doesn't carry Workers' Compensation Insurance, the owner or the principal contractor would be liable for the injuries that happen to the subcontractor's employees.
  • Some exceptions to compulsory coverage include…
    • Agricultural employees.
    • Railroad and railway express companies and their employees.
    • Employers who had a total annual payroll during the previous year of less than $3,000, regardless of the number of workers employed during that period.
    • Textile Hall Corporation.
    • Certain commission-paid real estate agents.
  • Coverage must be purchased through a private insurer. Businesses that qualify are permitted to self-insure.

Get a better idea of how South Carolina's Workers' Compensation laws affect your business from the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission.

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