Nevada's Workers' Compensation Insurance Law
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Workers' Compensation Laws in Nevada

According to Nevada's Workers' Compensation laws, all employers who have at least one worker must carry proper Workers' Comp coverage. Subcontractors, independent contractors, and their employees must also be covered (unless they are considered independent enterprises). Construction trades are required to have Workers' Compensation Insurance.

NV Workers' Comp: Key Details

  • Sole proprietors in NV are not required to carry Workers' Compensation if they don't have any employees. However, they can elect to carry the coverage for themselves.
  • Exceptions to Nevada's Workers' Compensation laws are…
    • Employment related to those interstate commerce entities that are not subject to Nevada's state laws.
    • Employment covered by private disability and death benefit plans.
    • Employees who are brought into Nevada on a temporary basis and who are insured in another state. Construction trades are the exception.
    • Casual employment (employment lasting no more than twenty days with a labor cost of less than $500).
  • Nevada doesn't have a state-administered Workers' Comp fund, but you can purchase coverage from a commercial provider. Eligible businesses may also choose to self- insure.

Want more details about Workers' Compensation for Nevada businesses? Check out the Workers' Compensation section of the state's Department of Business and Industry site.

Workers' Comp Insurance: Further Reading

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