Maryland's Workers' Compensation Insurance Law
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Workers' Compensation Laws in Maryland

Barring a few exceptions, every employer with one or more employees is required by law to provide Workers' Compensation Insurance in Maryland. Agricultural employers with three or more full-time employees or a yearly payroll for full-time employees of $15,000 must also carry coverage. Additionally, any domestic worker whose earnings are $750 or more in any calendar quarter from a private household must be covered.

MD Workers' Comp: Key Details

  • Sole proprietors are excluded from compulsory Workers' Comp coverage, but can include themselves in their policy if they complete Maryland's Sole Proprietor Status as a Covered Employee Form.
  • Some employees who do not require coverage are…
    • Agricultural office workers.
    • Independent contractors on farms, other than migrant workers.
    • Owner-operators of large tractor-trailer vehicles.
  • You may purchase coverage through Maryland's Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company, which operates in competition with private insurers in the state. Self-insurance is permitted, as well as purchasing coverage through private carriers. 

Find more details about Workers' Compensation requirements in Maryland from the state's Workers' Compensation Commission.

Workers' compensation insurance: Further reading

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