Wyoming's Workers' Compensation Insurance Law
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Workers' Compensation Laws in Wyoming

Wyoming's laws require that all employees must be covered under an employer's Workers' Compensation policy purchased through the state's fund. Insureon cannot sell private policies to Wyoming-based workers.

"Employee" can mean any person engaged in any extra-hazardous employment under any appointment, contract of hire or apprenticeship, express or implied, oral or written. This includes legally employed minors, aliens authorized to work by the United States department of justice, and aliens whom the employer reasonably believes to be authorized to work by the United States.

WY Workers' Comp: Key Details

  • Sole proprietors and partners in Wyoming are excluded from coverage for themselves.
  • Under Wyoming law, the following are not considered employees…
    • Any individual whose work is considered casual labor.
    • A sole proprietor or a partner of a business partnership.
    • An officer of a corporation unless coverage is elected.
    • Any individual engaged as an independent contractor.
    • A spouse or dependent of an employer living in the employer's household.
    • A professional athlete.
    • An employee of a private household.
    • A private duty nurse engaged by a private party.
    • An employee of the federal government.
    • A volunteer (some exceptions apply).
    • An adult or juvenile prisoner or probationer (some exceptions apply).
    • An elected public official or an appointed member of any governmental board or commission.
    • An LLC member unless coverage is elected.
    • A foster parent providing foster care services.
    • An individual providing child daycare or babysitting services whose wages are subsidized or paid by the Wyoming department of family services.
  • Wyoming runs a monopolistic state fund. Workers' Compensation coverage may only be purchased from this fund. Self-insurance isn't permitted.

For more information about Workers' Comp requirements in Wyoming, visit the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

Workers' Comp Insurance: Further Reading

Treating occupational injuries cost $198 billion in 2011.

Workers' Compensation Insurance: Further Reading

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