Kentucky's Workers' Compensation Insurance Law
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Workers' Compensation Laws in Kentucky

Kentucky state law requires all employers—whether they are running a private or a government organization—to have a Workers' Compensation Insurance policy in force. Even if your company has only one part-time employee, you are legally obligated to provide occupational injury (aka Workers' Compensation) coverage for that worker.

KY Workers' Comp: Key Details

  • Sole proprietors, partners, and LLC members in Kentucky are excluded from coverage, but can elect to cover themselves on their Workers' Comp policy.
  • An independent contractor (i.e., a skilled tradesman who works on their own without direct supervision, sets their own work hours, and provides their own tools and equipment for the job) is not entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits unless they have their own policy.
  • Some exceptions to the mandatory Workers' Comp coverage are…
    • Farm workers and domestic servants in a home with less than two full-time employees.
    • Any person employed by homeowners for residential maintenance and repair for up to twenty consecutive workdays.
    • Employees who are protected by federal laws (such as railroad and maritime workers).
    • Members of certain religious sects.
  • You can purchase Workers' Comp Insurance through Kentucky's competitive state fund, Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance. You may also procure coverage through a commercial insurer, or provide self-insurance, if eligible.

For a more in-depth examination of Kentucky's Workers' Comp laws, visit the Kentucky Personnel portal.

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