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Best general liability insurance for small businesses

When buying commercial general liability insurance, not every provider offers the same coverage and support. Find the best insurance company for your type of business, your budget, and your geographical area.

What are some of the best companies selling general liability insurance in 2024?

Every small business is different, which is why there's no one insurance company that we recommend when buying general liability insurance.

Insureon works with 40+ insurance carriers to find the coverage that is right for your small business. We've helped over 400,000 small businesses get protected with more than 1.5 million policies.

When you compare quotes with our application, we do the work for you by retrieving quotes from the companies that best match your business needs. The most important factors are:

All of our insurance partners are rated excellent or superior by AM Best [PDF]. Some providers specialize in general liability insurance for certain professions, and others operate only in limited areas.

Best-rated companies for general liability insurance

When buying general liability insurance with Insureon, you'll get quotes from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Based on financial strength and overall rating, our top carriers for general liability insurance include:

The Hartford: Rated A+ by AM Best. Located in Hartford, CT. Specializes in property and casualty insurance, group benefits, and mutual funds.

Acuity: Rated A+. Located in Sheboygan, WI. Specializes in property and casualty insurance.

Liberty Mutual: Rated A. Located in Boston, MA. Specializes in property and casualty insurance.

Hiscox: Rated A. Located in Chicago, IL. Specializes in general liability, professional liability, business owner’s policy (BOP), and cyber liability insurance.

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Best general liability insurance carriers by industry

When searching for general liability insurance for your small business, your profession is a key factor. A provider who knows the specific business risks associated with your work can make sure you're covered for the relevant exposures.

Here are the recommended providers for our top industries.


Startups and other small IT businesses often choose Chubb, the Hartford, and The Hanover for their general liability coverage.

Chubb has insured tech companies for more than 40 years, and has a team of specialized underwriters.

The Hartford offers a comprehensive business owner's policy for tech companies, which includes general liability, commercial property coverage, and business income insurance.

The Hanover has specialized technology endorsements to its general liability policies, with a strong focus on risk management for its clients.

Construction and contracting

Small construction businesses and contractors often look to the Hartford, Liberty Mutual, or Acuity for general liability insurance.

The Hartford has unmatched expertise in the construction industry, with dedicated underwriters specifically for construction. The Hartford's business owner's policy includes business income insurance, also called business interruption insurance, which covers costs if property damage forces you to close temporarily.

Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of coverages for the construction industry, and it's the preferred insurance carrier of the American Society of Concrete Contractors.

Acuity is a regional carrier with the strength and resources of a national carrier, offering specialized coverages for contractors and an overwhelmingly positive claims experience.


Cleaners often rely on Acuity, Nationwide, Travelers, and Hiscox for general liability insurance.

Acuity and Nationwide often have lower premiums, while Travelers has the highest possible rating from AM Best (A++) and a business owner's policy that includes protection against employee theft.

Hiscox is another affordable option for small cleaning businesses seeking a general liability policy, offering flexible payment options and a dedicated claims representative when you need one.


The Hartford, Hiscox, Nationwide, and Travelers offer insurance for different kinds of healthcare professionals and businesses.

For example, the Hartford specializes in insurance for outpatient healthcare, offering coverage for audiologists, dentists, and podiatrists.

Hiscox offers general liability insurance for healthcare professionals, including acupuncturists and nutritionists.

Travelers also insures healthcare providers, with a focus on medical technology companies.

Food and beverage

Food and beverage businesses have several strong options when it comes to insurance, including the Hartford, Nationwide, and Travelers.

The Hartford offers a wide range of liability coverage for food services, ranging from coffee shops to full-service restaurants and ice cream shops.

Nationwide recommends food and beverage business owners start with a business owner's policy, then add other policies as needed. They cover a variety of professions, including bakeries, delis, and food trucks affiliated with a restaurant.

Restaurants with catering services often rely on Travelers for their coverage, as the company has years of experience in the industry.

Carriers also offer business interruption insurance as an important add-on to your general liability policy. This policy covers daily operating costs and other expenses when a fire or other covered property claim forces your business to close.

Best general liability carriers by state

Some carriers have a limited area of operations, so your state is another consideration when it comes to the best carriers for general liability insurance. Here are the most popular small business insurance companies for our top five states, based on the number of policies sold.


The Hartford

Liberty Mutual


The Hartford

Liberty Mutual

The Hartford
Liberty Mutual


The Hartford

Liberty Mutual


The Hartford


Liberty Mutual

Best carriers for bundling general liability insurance

Many insurance providers offer a discount when you bundle general liability with other small business insurance policies.

The best option for small businesses is a business owner's policy, which bundles general liability coverage with commercial property insurance at a discount. Most small, low-risk businesses are eligible for this coverage.

Another option is a commercial package policy (CPP), which is designed for businesses with higher risks. It offers a broader range of coverage options and higher limits than a BOP.

These insurance carriers often some of the best options for general liability packages:

The Hartford includes business income insurance in its business owner's policy, which most other carriers don't automatically include. This coverage ensures your business can withstand the financial impact of a forced closure due to a fire or other covered property claim. You can add optional coverages:

  • Data breach
  • Business income for off-premises utility services
  • Other specialized policies

Liberty Mutual offers both a business owner's policy and a commercial package for small to mid-sized businesses, available to more than 300 classes of businesses. You can also add other types of coverage, such as:

Acuity's version of a business owner's policy is the "Bis-Pak," which combines property insurance, general liability, and business income coverage. This package includes a few extras, such as coverage for additional business locations or projects, and $10,000 in ordinance or law coverage.

You can customize your policy with a range of property and liability endorsements, or add on other types of coverage such as employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) or errors and omissions insurance.

Travelers sells a business owner's policy with an option for lost income coverage, along with additional insurance options:

CHUBB's business owner's policy is available for small business owners with up to $30 million in revenue, across more than 500 business classes. The company offers a wide range of customizations, including:

  • Privacy and data breach
  • Earthquake, in selected states
  • Employment practices liability
  • Electronic data liability
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Professional liability insurance, for certain professions

How much does general liability insurance cost?

A small business owner calculating their general liability insurance payments

The average cost of a general liability insurance policy is $42 per month for Insureon's small business customers.

General liability insurance premiums are calculated based on a few different factors, including:

  • Industry and risk factors
  • Business operations
  • Location
  • Number of employees
  • Policy limits and deductible
  • Claims history

What are the risks of not having general liability insurance?

Small business owners often buy general liability insurance coverage because they need it to sign a client contract, get a license for their profession, or rent a commercial space. Even when it's not required, the potentially devastating cost of a lawsuit makes it a good idea to carry this coverage.

General liability insurance covers:

These liability claims could happen at any small business, bringing financial losses that could force your business to close.

Other important policies for small businesses that purchase general liability insurance

General liability insurance protects against the most common risks of running a business, but it's not the only type of business insurance coverage you need. To protect against other risks, small businesses often buy the following insurance products:

Business owner's policy: A business owner's policy combines general liability insurance with commercial property insurance in a cost-saving package. It provides coverage in the event of a customer accident or business property damage.

Workers’ compensation insurance: Workers' comp covers medical expenses when an employee is injured on the job. Most states require this coverage for businesses that have employees.

Professional liability insurance: This policy helps pay for legal costs if a customer sues your business for a mistake or negligence, and it's recommended for any business that offers professional services or advice. It’s also known as errors and omissions insurance.

Commercial auto insurance: Businesses that own a vehicle are typically required to carry this coverage. It helps pay for legal costs and medical bills if your business vehicle is involved in an accident.

Cyber insurance: This policy covers expenses related to data breaches and cyberattacks, such as the cost of notifying affected customers. It's also called data breach insurance.

Commercial umbrella insurance: When your underlying general liability, commercial auto, or employer's liability insurance policy reaches its limit, umbrella insurance kicks in to provide additional coverage. It's often used to increase general liability limits to those required by a contract.

How do I find the right general liability coverage?

It's easy to get business liability insurance with Insureon. Fill out our easy online application to receive quotes from trusted providers. Our expert insurance agents are available to help answer any questions and help you find the best small business insurance for your needs. Most businesses can get same-day coverage and easily download a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage right away.

Updated: February 2, 2024
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