Professional liability vs. errors and omissions insurance

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Professional liability and errors and omissions insurance both protect businesses from expensive lawsuits caused by unsatisfactory work. The language used may differ by industry.
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Insurance lingo isn't always easy to understand, especially when a policy goes by multiple names. 

Such is the case with professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance

Professional liability vs. E&O vs. malpractice insurance

Many industries use the terms “E&O insurance” and “professional liability insurance” interchangeably. You may also hear these policies called “malpractice insurance.” 

Common industry names for this policy include:

No matter the name, this coverage protects you from lawsuits if you make a work mistake, fail to complete a project, miss a deadline, or are accused of professional negligence.

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How professional liability insurance protects your business

Businesses that provide professional services typically need professional liability / E&O coverage because those services come with risks. A client could hold your business liable for:

  • breach of contract
  • work oversights or errors
  • providing substandard or incomplete work
  • missed deadlines

If these professional mistakes result in financial losses for a client, they could sue to recoup expenses. Professional liability / E&O insurance helps cover:

  • attorney fees
  • court costs
  • settlements or judgments

Even if there was nothing wrong with the quality of your work, a difficult or dissatisfied client could sue your business over a perceived problem. In that case, you might win the lawsuit but still have to pay attorney fees and court costs out of pocket. Without professional liability / E&O insurance, a lawsuit could present a major financial difficulty for your business.

The benefits and cost of professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance helps you market your business as trustworthy and responsible, setting you apart from uninsured competitors. It’s not just good for business – it’s often a must for business.

Many clients will require your company to carry this policy before they hire you. If a project doesn't go as planned, they feel assured they can recoup their losses. Review your contract carefully to see if this coverage is a requirement.

Insureon’s professional liability insurance cost report offers details on how much businesses in different industries can expect to pay for this coverage. Building designers pay the highest professional liability premiums, averaging $1,705 per year, while finance and accounting professionals pay just $400.

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