Therapy & counseling

A group of three people sitting with a therapist in a bright office.
Therapy & counseling

Psychologists, family therapists, school counselors, and other mental health professionals interact with their clients on a deeply personal level and use their expertise to provide care. To avoid...

Two women have a video call on a tablet.
Therapy & counseling

Mental health professionals who meet with their clients remotely face unique challenges, including ensuring a secure and private internet connection and making sure they adhere to state regulations....

Nurse sitting at a computer.
IT & technology professionals
HIPAA and HITECH are data security regulations that can affect any healthcare company. Learn more about how they affect your liability.
An upset man sets at a desk in front of a laptop.
Professional liability / E&O insurance
Professionals of all industries are vulnerable to malpractice lawsuits, even if they don't make a mistake.
Therapist with headset.
Therapy & counseling
With the adaptation of new technology, therapists are able to offer services to their patients at a distance. If you offer distance therapy, here's what you need to know about professional liability.
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