Healthcare professionals
How to comply with the HIPAA security rule
The HIPAA security rule consists of three components that healthcare organizations must comply with. Find out how to ensure that your organization checks out.
7 online legal services that help small businesses
Attorneys are expensive, but all businesses need occasional legal help. Learn about seven popular online legal services that can help you save money and protect your business.
When should employers hire a workers’ comp lawyer?
Although most workers’ comp claims do not result in lawsuits, there are certain instances when employers can benefit from consulting an attorney.
How to find a lawyer for your business startup
A good lawyer can give your startup legal advice, negotiate with partners and competitors, and represent your business in lawsuits.
Employment practices liability
Tips for responding to sexual harassment complaints at your small business
Sexual harassment complaints in the work place need to be taken seriously and handled with great care. Here's how to proceed if an employee files a sexual harassment complaint at your company.
General liability insurance
How worried should small businesses be about ADA compliance lawsuits?

Businesses that don't provide handicapped access in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act often face harsh civil penalties. Learn how your business can manage ADA lawsuits with careful...

ADA compliance continues to plague some startups

Sometimes, startups are so focused on pursing new ideas that they accidentally violate laws and regulations in the process. Luckily, new business owners can avoid costly lawsuits by doing their due...

IT / Technology
Have clients in healthcare? Understand the professional liability exposures
HIPAA and HITECH are data security regulations that can affect any healthcare company. Learn more about how they affect your liability.
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Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers
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