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Professional liability insurance
Who needs professional liability insurance?
Professional liability insurance is a must-have for many businesses, especially if you provide a service. Read on to see if this coverage is right for you.
Accountants & auditors
Does CPA liability insurance cover fraud lawsuits?

If a client files a fraud lawsuit against your accounting business, the legal costs of the dispute can escalate quickly even if you aren't at fault. Learn when professional liability insurance will...

Accountants & auditors
4 sales tips for accountants who hate selling

Many business owners have trouble selling themselves and their businesses to prospective clients. Luckily, there are ways to make the case for your accounting business that don't come off as...

Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Prepping for tax season with inDinero

Jessica Mah is CEO and product architect at inDinero. inDinero offers accounting software and service that provides the financial tools and data to help entrepreneurs grow their innovative ideas into...

Small business stories
Small business spotlight: All in the family with The Bookkeeper
Thinking of going into business with a family member? Read the below Q&A to see how one father-daughter duo makes it work.
Finance & accounting
5 ways for accountants to attract small business clients
Accountants offer important services not only during tax season but year-round. Here are five ways to market your business to attract new clients.
Accountants & auditors
3 lessons from celebrities’ lawsuits against their accountants
Accountants for celebrities may make a lot of money, but they have a lot of responsibilities, too. Discover what your firm can learn from celebrity lawsuits against CPAs.
Finance & accounting
HIPAA has teeth: What accountants, lawyers, and other professionals need to know working with clients in healthcare

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and new HIPAA enforcement requirements, businesses who work with clients in healthcare need to be more diligent about securing data on their websites....

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