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Oklahoma Tornado Recovery: Help for and from Small Businesses

21. May 2013 16:41

The mile-wide tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma, yesterday caused widespread devastation to homes, schools, and businesses in addition to leaving tens of thousands without power and killing more than 20 people. 

As recovery begins, small businesses in and around the affected area are once again demonstrating the undying commitment to supporting their community that they’re known for around the country. 

Interestingly, the Small Business Administration is also offering much-needed disaster relief for both businesses and individuals affected by the storm. Read on for details on recovery efforts underway for the residents and businesses of Moore.

Small-Business Relief for Moore Tornado Victims

People affected by yesterday’s tornado may be able to find relief from a number of sources, including…

Our hearts go out to the victims of the Moore tornado, and the whole insureon team applauds the efforts of the businesses that have stepped up to help the community recover.

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