Errors & omissions insurance

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Tail coverage

Tail coverage is an addition to a claims-made policy. It extends coverage for incidents that happened during the time you had your policy, but a claim was not filed until after your policy expired or was canceled. Tail coverage is another name for an extended reporting period.

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Standard of care

Standard of care refers to a professional's duty to act reasonably and provide quality services. If you fall short of the standard of care, a client usually has the right to sue.

Business insurance glossary
Retroactive date

A retroactive date defines how far back in time a loss can occur for your policy to cover your claim. If a claim happens prior to your retroactive date, your policy won’t provide benefits. It’s a feature of claims-made professional liability or errors and omissions insurance.

Business insurance glossary
Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is defined as a form of insurance that can help pay for legal expenses when clients claim something you did – or didn’t do – hurt them financially.

Business insurance glossary
Errors and omissions insurance

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is a form of insurance that covers business mistakes or undelivered services that caused financial harm to a customer.

Business insurance glossary
Claims-made insurance policy

A claims-made policy provides benefits only if you file a claim while it’s active. If you cancel your policy and then report a claim, you’ll have no insurance coverage.

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