Errors & omissions insurance

Small business insurance
Small business insurance policies: How are they different?

Find out how commercial insurance policies differ and which ones will benefit your business.

Cyber liability insurance
What's the difference between technology E&O and cyber liability insurance?

Technology errors and omissions insurance and cyber liability insurance both cover data breaches. The type of coverage your business needs depends on whether a cyberattack could damage your company, your clients, or both.

General liability insurance
General liability vs. errors and omissions insurance

General liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance both protect businesses against common liabilities, but they cover different types of lawsuits. 

Professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance for building design professionals
Insureon helps architects, engineers, and other building design professionals compare quotes for professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions insurance) from top U.S. carriers.
Errors & omissions insurance
How to save money on errors and omissions insurance (E&O)

Your small business can save money on errors and omissions insurance by avoiding claims and choosing a higher deductible, among other methods. Learn how you can pay less on E&O and still get the protection you need.

Certificate of insurance
Errors and omissions insurance certificate

A certificate of insurance is a document that verifies you have errors and omissions coverage. It's not uncommon for clients or new business partners to ask for a copy of your certificate. 

Errors & omissions insurance
How much does errors and omissions insurance cost?

Errors and omissions insurance protects your small business from the financial risks of professional mistakes. Your industry, as well as the scope of your professional practice, will affect the cost of coverage.

Errors & omissions insurance
What does errors and omissions insurance cover?

If a dissatisfied client sues your business over a work mistake, errors and omissions (E&O) insurance can cover your legal expenses, including the cost of a settlement or judgment.

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