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Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance certificate

An E&O certificate of insurance is a document that verifies you have errors and omissions coverage. It's not uncommon for clients or new business partners to ask for a copy of your certificate of insurance. 

An E&O certificate provides proof of insurance

When your business secures an errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy, you'll receive a certificate of insurance. This certificate contains key information about your E&O policy and provides proof of insurance to your clients and licensing boards. This document can also lead to more business opportunities.

To see what one looks like, review this sample certificate of liability insurance [PDF].

What information does an E&O certificate include?

A certificate of liability insurance is a document that certifies that your company has business liability insurance such as E&O insurance, also called professional liability insurance.

A certificate of insurance (COI) is not a legal document. It's more like an insurance card you carry in your wallet. But unlike an insurance card, an E&O certificate of insurance provides a concise summary of your E&O coverage, all on one page.

An E&O certificate of insurance can open up business opportunities.

The information provided by the certificate of insurance falls into the following categories:

General information about you and your insurer. The top of the certificate identifies your business as the insured along with your business name and contact information. It also lists the insurance company providing your coverage.

Coverage information. The main section of the certificate outlines your business's insurance coverage, including your policy number, policy limits, deductible, and the effective date and expiration date of your coverage. It'll also outline coverage details, such as claims-made coverage in the case of E&O insurance.

Description of operations. Your certificate may also specify the work your business does. For errors and omissions insurance, this defines the scope of your coverage (e.g., a tax preparer is covered for preparing tax returns, but not for providing legal advice).

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What are the benefits of having an E&O certificate of insurance?

An E&O certificate of insurance can open up business opportunities. For example, your certificate can help you:

Secure contracts and clients. A certificate of liability insurance proves to potential clients and business partners that you have E&O coverage. Certain clients will require proof of insurance before contracting with you, and a certificate is an efficient and easy way to accomplish that. You can fax or email the document to a client in seconds.

Provide clients with peace of mind. At the bottom of your certificate is a box specifying the "certificate holder." If you arrange to have your client made an official certificate holder, they will receive notification from your insurer if you cancel your policy or allow it to lapse. Your clients will appreciate this guarantee of your insured status.

How do you get an errors and omissions insurance certificate?

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Hey there! Yeah, up here in the corner. Good news: You've purchased your policy to protect your business! But that's only the beginning...

A licensed expert will email you a Certificate of Insurance the day you buy a policy. I'd do it, but, you know, I'm an animated talking head.

The certificate means peace of mind. And you can access it on the Insureon online customer portal where you can review policy info and all of your insurance documentation.

Need additional assistance? Or want to make changes? Yeah, no problem! Call toll free, or reach out to a dedicated account manager with questions about billing and claims.

We're with you now, and as you grow. Behind the scenes, but there when you need us. Insureon. Protection is peace of mind.

To obtain a certificate of insurance, you must have an active insurance policy. If you don't have coverage, you can complete Insureon's easy online insurance application to get quotes from top-rated carriers.

Choose the E&O policy that best matches your needs, and an Insureon agent can help finalize your policy details. Once your policy is active, you'll receive a certificate of liability insurance.

If you already have an active policy, contact your Insureon agent or log in to your account with our Customer Portal to download or request a certificate.

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Complete Insureon’s easy online application today to compare errors and omissions insurance quotes from top-rated U.S. providers. Once you find the right policy for your small business, you can begin coverage in less than 24 hours.

Once you have you coverage, you can download or request an errors and omissions certificate from our Customer Portal. Insureon can additionally help you secure a general liability insurance certificate, workers' compensation insurance certificate, or any other insurance coverage that you need.

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Updated: February 12, 2024
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