Property insurance
Fire insurance for small businesses: protect yourself and your bottom line
Fire is one of the most common and most expensive commercial insurance claims for small businesses. Here’s how to make sure you’re financially and physically protected from the risk of fire.
Property insurance
How to protect your business from wind and hail damage
Having adequate small business insurance in place will help your business recover from wind and hail.
Property insurance
8 tips for preventing water damage at your business
In additional to the cost of repair, a burst pipe can lead to lost revenue if your business must close for repairs.
61% of small business owners don't have a formal disaster recovery plan
A recent poll found 61% of small business owners don't have a formal disaster recovery plan and 60% lack business interruption insurance.
Property insurance
Small business insurance for a windy day
Insurance claims related to wind and hail damage are the third most common among small business policyholders.
Property insurance
5 things to know about commercial building insurance this hurricane season

Commercial property insurance policies often exclude coverage for property damage caused by hurricanes and other extreme weather events. To protect your property against hurricane damage, utilize...

Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Natural disaster aftermath with eMazzanti Technologies

Unfortunately, many businesses are affected by a natural disaster at some point. In this interview, eMazzanti Technologies gives business owners tips on maintaining business continuity and recovering...

So you want to know about earthquake insurance

Many small business owners are surprised to discover their commercial property insurance doesn't include earthquake coverage. If your building is at risk of damage from earthquakes, you may need an...

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