Independent contractors
Contractor vs. subcontractor
Learn about the difference between contractors and subcontractors and the types of liabilities that they face.
How to protect yourself with freelance business insurance
Being self-employed comes with freedom as well as risks. Learn how freelance business insurance can protect your business no matter your profession.
Starting a business
Sole proprietor vs. independent contractor: What’s the difference?

Sole proprietor and independent contractor are terms that describe people who work for themselves. Which one applies to your business depends on the taxation structure and your professional...

Small business stories
The business of art: An interview with freelance photographer Suzanne Cordeiro

To find success as a photographer, you'll need to strike a balance between staying true to your art and finding paid work. In this interview, freelance photographer Suzanne Cordeiro talks about how...

5 questions freelancers should ask their insurance agents
Word to the wise: you need self-employment insurance if you work as a freelancer – even if it’s on the side. Here are five questions to ask your insurance agent.
Small business stories
Chike Uzoka’s tips and tricks to freelance success
Speaker and business coach, Chike Uzoka, created a rewarding career by freelancing. He shares his story as well as tips on how to succeed as a freelancer.
IT / Technology
Freelancers can debug websites for extra cash
Debugging websites is an effective way for IT freelancers to supplement their income. However, make sure your business insurance is up to the task.
Human resources
New Jersey ruling on independent contractors maintains tough standards
New Jersey is the latest state to use the ABC test for deciding on worker classification issues. Learn about the test and why it matters to small business owners.
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Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers
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