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Insureon Vice President of Account Management, Lee Anne Wright, sitting in an office near the title "Meeting digital challenges"
Insureon videos
Lee Anne Wright, VP of Account Management, speaks about how Insureon's digital approach helps create a seamless customer experience from start to finish.
Person sitting next to the words "Why choose Insureon to find business insurance"
Leadership insights
Insureon's mission is to help simplify the complex process of finding the right small business insurance. Get free quotes and buy online with Insureon.
Insureon CEO Dan Kazan sitting in an office near the title "The Best In Small Business"
Insureon videos
Dan Kazan, CEO of Insureon, discusses the company's continuing impact on the online small business insurance market.
Insurance agent standing next to the words "Why Insureon is #1"
Insureon videos
We recently hosted a roundtable discussion with some of Insureon’s best strategic minds to discuss what makes Insureon the best choice for your small business.
Dy Kunkel, VP Account Management for Insureon, sitting next to the words "Dedicated to your success"
Insureon videos
Dy Kunkel, Vice President of Account Management at Insureon, explains how our strong focus on the customer experience brings satisfied policyholders back year after year.
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