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DAN KAZAN, CEO, INSUREON: I think small business is really the lifeblood of the economy in the United States. I think it's very exciting when somebody either starts a business or has their own business, they feel such an ownership over it. It's one of their most prized assets.

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JENNY RUNDE, SENIOR VP PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Finding insurance can be a really complex process, and can be, frankly, really, really stressful. They're looking at different carriers, different agencies, different policies, and coverages.

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They come to Insureon to really help simplify that. And so that's really what we focus on is how do we get them the coverage that's going to protect their businesses? They've worked so hard to build and do it in a way that's really fast and easy.

Everything we do has to start with the customer. And so it's critical that we have our finger on the pulse of what the needs are and what the problems are, and what's getting in our customer's way.

DAN KAZAN: We give people choice. We have relationships with all of the major carriers, and you get to choose between different quotes and really compare.

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MORGAN CAPUTO, VICE PRESIDENT, UI/UX DESIGN: I think one of the great things about Insureon is that we're always evolving. Our technology doesn't necessarily replacing people; What it's replacing is forms.

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And our technology actually allows to bringing that into like a digital universe where we are able to learn about you and to get more and more personal. We also see the technology is supplemental to human interactions.

JENNY RUNDE: And that's where really our insurance agents step in and can really help give them that peace of mind, knowing that they're choosing the right coverage to protect their business.

JEFF KROEGER, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER, INSUREON: There's no shortage of companies who'd like to transact small business insurance in an e-commerce environment. At the end of the day, we want to make sure we're bringing incredible trusted advisors who are licensed to insurance agents.

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DAN KAZAN: Our people are licensed in all 50 States, and they have expertise in both insurance and small business, and so they'd be able to help people really in the final stages of the process.

MORGAN CAPUTO: For me, it's about understanding and really kind of empathizing with the flexibility and the resources that a small business owner needs in order to be successful.

JEFF KROEGER: So much of what we get in Insureon is new small business owners who really don't know anything that they truly need. It's our opportunity to provide that for them every day.

DAN KAZAN: Very simply, our mission is to make buying commercial insurance easier for small and medium-sized businesses.

JENNY RUNDE: When we talk to customers and they tell us about their businesses. We can see how emotional they are and that kind of that passion that they have for having built that business, and how important it is to know that it's protected.

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Knowing that we can take away some of that stress. That's really rewarding. And that's, I think, what gets us excited to work.

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At Insureon, we respect your passion and understand the many challenges you face as a small business owner. In this video, our CEO and other leaders share how we make comparing insurance quotes and getting protected the easiest part of your day.

You’ll learn how Insureon:

  • Understands and values small business ownership and entrepreneurship.
  • Simplifies the complex process of finding the right small business insurance.
  • Enables business owners to easily get and compare quotes from top-rated carriers.
  • Leverages technology to complement our agents’ expertise and provide personalized service to small business owners.

Learn more about small business insurance and what it covers.

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