Small business stories

Small business stories
Slade Land Use: Construction services from the ground up

L'Tryce Slade holds a unique position – she's one of the only women in the industry who owns a construction material testing laboratory. Learn what inspired her to start her own business and what...

Small business stories
Tech startup Handstand balances risks with caution

Frustrated with her experiences when trying to find a personal trainer, Tiffany Orli Hakimianpour took matters into her own hands to create the Handstand app. Read all about her journey to start and...

Small business stories
Peak Clean Energy: Helping communities go green
The two coworkers-turned-business-partners who founded Peak Clean Energy talk about the surprises of business ownership, protecting their business from risk, and more.
Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Giving back with Elisa Contemporary Art

Many established business owners like to give back to their communities. Learn how art consultant and gallery owner Lisa Cooper lifts up her community with art-related programming for children and...

Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Ghost stories with the Worthington Inn
Every business has a unique selling point that sets it apart from competitors. Learn how the Worthington Inn in Ohio turned its haunted past into a modern-day selling point.
Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Smarter web design with Rock Candy Media

Today, every small business needs to have an online presence. Annie Liao Jones of Rock Candy Media discusses which elements a small business website absolutely needs to have, why your site should...

Small business stories
Consultant Winnie Sun on nailing the balancing act

When it comes to time and managing a growing consultancy, it's often hard to strike a balance. Winnie Sun of Sun Group Wealth Partners discusses how consultants can find balance by hiring the right...

IT / Technology
Managing risk with Dan Langhofer and Eric Wubbena of PaperWise
Many new technology companies struggle to balance risk management and innovation. Learn how PaperWise strikes a balance between bringing in revenue and minimizing liability brought by new clients.
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