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14 Tasks to Keep Your Business Website Ranking

19. December 2016 08:30

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A small business is an ongoing project, and your do-it-yourself website is no exception. It takes a lot of work to get even the best business websites to page one of a Google search results page, especially if digital marketing isn't your strong suit.

Your marketing department may be a team of one, but you can still get your page rank moving in the right direction. Here are 14 tasks that can help.

Daily Do-It-Yourself Website Tasks

As with most areas of your business, your website also needs daily maintenance. Make sure each day you take time to:

The takeaway: Pay attention to who is talking about your site, business, and industry every day.

Weekly Do-It-Yourself Website Tasks

Weekly tasks make take a bit more time, but they can have a big impact on your website ranking:

The takeaway: Most of these tasks are about getting content on your site. So keep publishing blog posts, news items, press releases, and other information your clients will find useful and engaging.

Monthly / Quarterly Do-It-Yourself Website Tasks

Monthly tasks are usually about the big picture, so carve out time once a month to:

The takeaway: Take a high-level view once a month to build your website's visibility.

Semi-Annual / Annual Do-It-Yourself Website Tasks

Some tasks are only necessary once or twice a year, such as…

Mobile traffic is another example of a changing reality for your site. Learn more in "Why Mobile Matters for Small Businesses."

The takeaway: Your semi-annual and annual tasks may seem rote, but they protect your site and your rank.

Don't forget: your DIY website design may need attention, too. Read "3 Key Elements Every Small Business Website Should Have" for tips.

About the Contributors

Jason Bauman

Jason Bauman is an SEO associate with Trinity Insight, a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia. For more than two years, he's assisted small business to create, grow, and maintain their presence online. His other hobbies include writing, reading, and crafting the perfect cup of coffee. 





Tim Lavelle

Tim Lavelle is director of SEO and social media at U.S. Interactive Media, where he spearheads sophisticated research, implementation, and reporting strategies for SEO campaigns within some of the most competitive verticals, including travel and hospitality, politics, higher education, finance, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.




Diane Ellis Scalisi

Diane Ellis Scalisi is an SEO and digital marketing strategist for CanIRank, an SEO software tool that enables small businesses to find keywords they can rank for, links they can get, and on-page optimizations that will help them connect with new customers. 

Michael Transon

Michael Transon is the CEO of Honeycomb, a digital inbound marketing agency in downtown San Francisco. Honeycomb helps small businesses create and execute cross-channel marketing plans to increase demand generation. You can find him on Twitter at @michaeltranson.





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