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Why Mobile Matters for Small Businesses

31. August 2016 10:01

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In case you have any doubts about how important mobile is to your business, let’s take a look at the statistics from Google’s Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile:

Basically, potential customers are likely to first connect with businesses via these tiny computers they carry everywhere. You may want to make that a good experience for them. Here are a few more reasons to make your website compatible with mobile devices.

Mobilegeddon Impacts Your Business

According to Business Insider, mobile devices became the main source of Google’s search traffic in the spring of 2015. Around the same time, the company rolled out a mobile-friendly update, known as “Mobilegeddon” in the industry.

“Websites that Google identifies as being mobile optimized now receive prioritized rankings in search page results,” says marketing consultant Brendan Binger.

In other words, if your site isn't optimized for mobile, it's going to get buried in the no-man's land of search results. So if you want customers to be able to find your site, it's time to get mobile.

Bonus tip: As Samuel Wheeler, digital marketing specialist with Inseev Interactive (@InseevTweets), points out, a site that isn't optimized for mobile can quickly put off customers.

“It will look odd not to have a mobile site, and this may deter users from making it to your sales page,” he says.

Mobile First Is the Future of Marketing

For Dan Noyes, founder and president of the digital marketing firm Zephoria (@ZephoriaSearch), mobile is so important that his business’s web development model is “mobile first.” He asks clients if the volume of the message and site design will translate to a mobile device. If not, he encourages them to rethink their digital communication strategy.

“We can’t just ignore this audience or treat them like second-class citizens by not adapting our site to meet their needs,” says Noyes. “Mobile first is not just a passing digital trend – it's the future.”

Binger agrees and suggests you adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

“In digital marketing, you need to be where your customers are looking,” he notes.

Bonus tip: Taking a mobile-first approach is not without its challenges, according to Noyes.

“This is really where you need to have a good relationship with a digital marketing consultant company to help you navigate how far to take this strategy and at what time,” he says.

Mobile Is for Everyone

According to Binger, mobile matters more in certain industries. For example, any industry where a customer is likely to spontaneously look up a business while they are out should probably focus their efforts on making the site mobile friendly. He says that describes a large spectrum of industries, but examples include restaurants, salons, and coffee shops. Plus, he says industries that involve self-guided research, like real estate and automotive, may have a greater need for mobile-friendly sites.

But Noyes says mobile is no longer focused on the consumer market. He says the vast majority of Zephoria’s clients are business-to-business, but he finds that mobile is becoming a key focus for them, too.

Ultimately, how much mobile matters to your business comes down to what you want from your website. As Binger points out, “If a visit to your website is a step in your customer journey at any point, then your website needs to be mobile friendly.”

Bonus tip: Mobile-friendly appears to be a must-have for your business website, but that’s not all that it needs. Read “3 Key Elements Every Small Business Website Should Have.”

About the Contributors

Brendan Binger

Brendan Binger is a marketing and creative consultant with a passion for equipping people to succeed. He regularly shares insights and inspiration for growing your business.




Dan Noyes

Dan Noyes has been in digital marketing for nearly 20 years, including working with brands like Georgetown University, Boston University, Rubbermaid, and Ashfield Medical. Noyes and his wife have four kids and live in sunny Sarasota, Florida. When he isn’t working, Noyes loves to spend time standup paddle boarding on the Gulf of Mexico.




Sam Wheeler

Sam Wheeler is a digital marketing specialist with Inseev Interactive. He is based out of San Diego and has spent the last five years working in the digital space, focusing on web design, user experience, and content creation.




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